How easy is it to get over your Ex? not very easy sometimes it is actually funny what most people do to get over their ex. and it actually gets worse when that person immediately gets someone new. so for this post I will be showcasing 11 memes that shows how girls react when their ex gets someone new. and yes I created the memes my self. so let’s get straight into it.

Below are the reactions of some girls when their ex gets someone new

  1. Those who feel so bad that they have call their besties and report the ugly incidents. you known a shoulder to cry on and a spy.11 Memes that shows girls reaction when their Ex gets someone new
  2. Those who can’t get over the new girl and go ahead to stalk her on social media, to know what is so special about her that he got hooked fast or to laugh at her
  3. The gossip who goes to give the 411 on their ex and try to get the new girl on their side
  4. The ones who cry over their lose and wish they had done things differently
  5. Those over the moon that they are rid of him and he is there destroying someones life. They are so happy.
  6. These ones pretend that they are happy for him,if only eyes can kill
  7. Those that realize they want him back and will do anything to get him back
  8. Those wicked ones that call all their girlfriends together to laugh at the new girl
  9. Those that are genuinely happy for him and wish him the best in his new relationship
  10. Those who are just chilling waiting for them to break up because they believe it wont work out since it didn’t work out with them
  11. Those that just don’t care and wont lose a nights sleep because of their ex and the new girl
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Above are some of the memes i got that showed girls reactions when their ex gets someone new. what do you think? do you have more memes that show their reactions, i cant wait to hear from you. please comment,share. Thank you!

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