Relationship is between two people who are willing to come together and make it work. Sometimes things get heated in relationship and we hurt the other person or make them feel emasculated without knowing. In this article I will be discussing 12 things women do that make their men feel emasculated. Before I begin let me define emasculated so you can have a better understanding of the topic.

What is emasculate?

Emasculate means to deprive (a man) of his male role or identity to make (someone or something) weaker or less effective. Now we have gotten that out-of-the-way let’s move forward with the article. The truth is that women make so many mistakes and treat their partner like trash without knowing. Below are some of the ways you make your man feel emasculated without knowing.

Men also get hurt emotionally forget all their tough guy exterior


12 Things women do that make their men feel emasculated

  1. Telling him that he is not man enough; Men take this serious, from my experience telling a man he is not good enough is a big insult and most men feel that been called this means they are not good in bed(rolls eyes, I know right). Please don’t do this especially when it is not necessary. His ego will be hurt.
  2. Flirting with other guys in his presence; Please don’t do this. I am very sure you don’t want him to flirt with other girls in your presence please don’t make him feel emasculated.
  3. Criticizing and downplaying his achievement; Men have big egos please don’t downplay his achievements nobody wants to be criticized or have their achievements downplayed. So support him and give constructive criticism if you really feel it is important.
  4. Yelling at him especially in public; I know he his really frustrating and annoying and sometimes you need to vent out your anger but please don’t yell at him in public even if he is wrong safe it for later.
  5. Making fun of his source of income; He might not be giving you all you want financially,that doesn’t give you the right to make fun of his source of income or salary he is working hard in his job or business. Please don’t.
  6. Comparing him with other guys; He doesn’t need to hear that you had a super rich guy in your life who took you on vacations abroad. This will make him feel emasculated. You wont like it if he continued to compare you with his ex
  7. Calling him a failure; Don’t do this, this will kill him especially coming from you. Please don’t use this word “ I knew you won’t be able to make it”
  8. Don’t tell him you have seen bigger( in the penis department); Believe it or not men’s egos are tied to the size of their penis.( I know right) so you telling him that his is the smallest you have ever seen can break his heart. So even if it is the smallest you have seen don’t tell him.
  9. Bragging about your sex history; Sweetie he doesn’t need to know how many men you have slept with and how it all went down. Most men feel intimidated by this. Please spare him the details.
  10. Acting bored in bed; I know he is not hitting it right. Don’t act bored just manage and tell him later where he needs to touch you to make you feel good.
  11. You are always talking about his flaws; Nobody wants to be reminded of their flaws and the mistakes they have made in the past.
  12. Taking over; I think it is in our nature to take over and try to do everything our way. Thereby suffocating him and emasculating him. Please give him his freedom.

These are some of the things women do that make their partner feel emasculated in the relationship. If there is more leave a comment for me below, I want to know what you think.

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