Many people are in toxic relationships in today’s world without even realizing it. Being in a toxic relationship is so hard and can be hell on earth. In this article I will be discussing some signs that show that you are in a toxic relationship. Prevention is better than cure, the earlier you find out the faster you can get out of it.

Below are the 15 signs that show you are in a toxic relationship

15 Signs you are in a toxic relationship

  1. You’re always walking on eggshells or feel uncomfortable around your partner:
    One of the first signs of a toxic relationship is when one partner is very controlling This doesn’t always mean physically threatening or violent. It can simply be that you feel frightened to share your opinions because you’re nervous and afraid of your partner’s emotional reactions And if you find yourself numbing things down so your partner can feel smart or save the day—huge red flag. Feeling uncomfortable or tense around someone is just your body telling you there is something is wrong.
  2. You can’t seem to do anything right: Do you feel like you can’t do anything right?
    Once you get to the point where you feel like everything you do upsets him or annoys her, and you’re tiptoeing around in your own relationship, you need to understand that you aren’t the problem.  There is something with which your partner is unhappy and he or she isn’t communicating that to you. Until he or she is honest with why he or she is really frustrated, nothing you do will seem to be enough.
    If you’re working overtime to please your partner yet getting nowhere, you probably never will. Your partner is supposed to be your biggest cheerleader, a soft place to land. If they’re not, love yourself enough to leave.
  3. You’re always fighting:There is always a reason for you both to fight, if you notice that you both are always arguing or quarreling about irrelevant stuffs. He or she always picks a fight and is always ready to fight.

    The truth is that you can both be Arguing without communicating.

    We all know that yelling over each other won’t get you anywhere. It’s natural to get upset and argue, but if there’s no exchange of communication and neither party conveys why he or she feels how he or she does, nothing will be solved.

  4. Your partner wants you all to himself: It is normal to want to spend every waking moment with someone you love but there is a limit to everything. When a partner or pal wants you to break off relationships with friends and family, that is a sign of a toxic relationship. Isolating the partner from friends and family is upsetting because it is an attempt to control and manipulate without interference from the partner’s support system.
  5. Jealousy and the blame game:We’re all only human, so jealousy will happen on some level. But, excessive jealousy is never okay. If you don’t have trust in a relationship, you literally have nothing worth holding on to. It is said that jealousy is one of the signs of true love but everything should be in moderation, if your partner is over possessive. There is a problem. It never ends well (if your partner is over possessive read this). The both of you are constantly blaming in each other and none accepting that he or she is wrong.
  6. You both keep score:Are you constantly keeping score? Relationships shouldn’t feel like a game where each person is keeping track of how many times they’ve done something good or even something bad. This a major sign that are in a toxic relationship. If your partner keeps on counting and telling you all the time s you have done something wrong.
  7. You or your partner are being Passive aggressive:The whole “I hate it when you do that, but I’m just going to keep it to myself and throw you shady little side glances” thing is unnecessary.One of the major problem we have in relationship today is lack of communication, your partner offends you but you refuse to share keeping it all to yourself and acting strangely.
  8. Criticism and contempt:If your partner is constantly criticizing you and nothing you do is ever prefect. Note that no one is perfect, and the closer you become with someone, the clearer his or her imperfections will become. There is nothing wrong with criticism that comes from a positive place. When criticism is used as a channel to express contempt or disdain for someone else, it can make the other person feel unvalued and worthless. It’s hard for a relationship to come back from that.If your partner is constantly putting you down it is time to run, you deserve better.
  9. You and your partner are constantly avoiding each other: When you get to that point in your relationship when you cannot bear to be near your partner or vice versa then something is seriously wrong.
  10. You’re  losing yourself: It is normal to want to make someone we love happy and we begin to change things about us to accommodate them If your relationship changes you, it should only make you a better version of yourself. If you feel like you’re losing yourself or you don’t recognize who you are anymore, it’s not healthy.
  11. You are the only one giving everything: If you are an over pleaser in your relationship, you tend to do every and anything to make your partner happy but the problem starts when you are the only one giving everything. You should want to make your partner happy, but it should be a two-way street. Your happiness should mean his or her happiness and vice versa. If you’re constantly trying to make him/her happy, but you’re not getting anything in return, then something in the cycle is disjointed. Happiness should be mutual.
  12. The relationship is not moving anywhere: When your relationship is not moving to the next level and you and your partner is beating around the bush it is shows  immaturity. If your partner has refused to move to the next level  and has the. The whole “why can’t things just stay like this” mentality. Then something is wrong At some point, someone will want more. That’s not a bad thing, but both parties must be on the same page. There’s nothing wrong with taking the next step; doing so is a sign of maturity.
  13. Your partner is selfish: So you just realized that you are dating a narcissist, he or she doesn’t care about what you think or you and are very focused on what they want and will try to manipulate or guilt you into meeting their needs while ignoring yours. They mostly talk about themselves and aren’t really responsive to what’s going on with you. And the biggest issue is that they have no empathy. You are in a toxic relationship if you notice this.
  14. Your partner is selfish in bed:Sex is an important part of relationship that cannot be overlooked. Sex is intimacy and when your partner is selfish during sex only wanting to please him or herself. And a partner who treats you poorly in the bedroom is unlikely to be kind in other areas of the relationship. If your partner Guilt-trips you  into having sex when you don’t want to or ignoring your partner’s need for pleasure might be signs that you should end things.
  15. You’re just not happy anymore:When you are no longer happy in your relationship and you just tolerate the person or you are just there out of pity or for the wrong reason. Nobody deserves to be with someone who doesn’t love them. So better end it while you still can.

The above are some of the signs that shows that one is in a toxic relationship, this is also applicable to you reading this of you notice yourself doing any of this then you are putting someone through pains of being in a toxic relationship.

Have you ever been in a toxic relationship? Did you notice any of this signs? Are there more signs? Leave comment for me below.


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