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What I Hate About Long Distance Relationship

Hate is a strong word but this is how i feel about long distance relationships. please allow me to rant. long distance relationship is making people miserable and causing heartache. i think...
Teenage dating

The Right Age To Start Dating

Someone sent in this question through my counseling page. Dating is a very important step that might lead to the altar. Most people don't know the right age to start. Before...
Teenage dating

The Ultimate Guide To Teenage Dating

One of the things that makes teenage years exciting is suddenly finding out that you are attracted to the opposite sex. And This brings up the subject of dating. Please note...

Who Should Say I Love You First In A Relationship

whats with all this I love you in a relationship This is a question which people spend a lot of time arguing about. Some believe that it is tradition for the man...

Shocking Reasons Why Men Hate To Cuddle After Sex

can you keep a secret? I am definitely one of those women who love to cuddle. if there was a Guinness book of world record for best cuddler I would have gotten...

Shocking Life Lessons From Elizabeth Velasquez

Many people may know the lady in the picture above. it's quite funny how we live in a word where people use the outward beauty t judge others. for those who...

The Easiest Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Love

It's really funny to see how busy we have become so busy what we forget about the good old days when spending quality time with your your partner mattered.it's is quite...
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