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5 signs that show that you are over your ex

We all want to be over ex or someone who didn't love us back. On today's video I will tell you the 5 signs that shows you that you are over...

GUYS ASK: Why are women obsessed with marriage?

Are women really obsessed with marriage? It is a yes and no answer. Watch video as I try to explain why women are possibly obsessed with marriage (not all women though)....

Guys ASK; Why do women go to the bathroom in groups?

Over the years men have being intrigued about why women go to the bathroom in groups. watch and find out as I try to answer this questions. click here to subscribe PRESS...

Guys Ask: why do women carry big hand bags?

In this video I answered the question that most guys have being looking for an answer to why women carry big hand bags.watch and enjoy. Don't forget to like, share and...

5 things you need to survive a long distance relationship

Relationships are hard but long distance relationships are harder. It requires more sacrifice and attention. On today's video I talked about 5 things you need to survive a long distance relationship....
5 Things you should never wear to a date

5 Things you should never wear to a date

Going on dates is very important , I cant stress on how important it is to go on dates. you get to meet someone new while you have the time of...
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