3 things every man needs in a relationship

Relationship (s) are hard but it takes two people who are willing to sacrifice,tolerate, over look, and commit to make it work. So before getting into it make sure you are ready.

I am going to discuss 3 things every man needs in a relationship; that is what they expect in a relationship from their partners and I am going to make it as short as possible. These are things I have observed and know men need in a relationship. Ladies suit up and take note. As usual I will be discussing this things from my little experience.


  1. Support
  2. Loyalty
  3. Bedroom action(wink)

3 things every man needs in a relationship


It is always important to support your man, show him that you care about what goes on in his life, support his dreams. Most times you don’t need to support financially but listen to his dreams and support by making him feel good about himself and by motivating him.

Let him know that you are there for him. it really helps his ego. The same way you want him to support you, support him. And you will reap the fruits of your support later.


Your man needs to know that you are committed to your relationship, that you are his ride and die partner through it all and you love him  and wont leave when things get tough and he can’t afford those Gucci bags.

He needs to know that you will fight for him. loyalty is extremely important in a relationship because it keeps your partner secure and makes them feel loved.


This list will be incomplete without this. It is no secret that men like a lot of bedroom action, I mean a lot. So giving him a lot of bedroom action is also very nice and wont hurt nobody. This helps some of them to feel loved as most men’s love language is touch.

Hope you learnt a thing or three about what men really need in a relationship and I hope you put them to practice most especially numbers 1 and 2. Is there any other thing you feel men need in a relationship that is not on my list please feel free to comment below so I can learn more.

I wish you the very best in your Relationship. Good luck


  1. Interesting, but you didn’t include attention, a woman who isn’t attentive is tend to loose her man and her relationship to another attentive woman outta there and as for me I value attention pass any other thing

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