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Have you noticed that a man will come into your life but all of a sudden he leaves and you don’t know exactly what you did sometimes you’re confused you start checking yourself to see what you’ve done wrong.

you ask yourself why do good men always leave my life? why do they disappear?

women do things without realizing how wrong there are.

women are very emotional so they make alot of mistakes especially in relationships.

I know how it feels like to have men disappear on you especially when you think you are making good progress.

I did a little research and I understood what I was doing wrong so about to share with you 3 worst mistakes women make the men to disappear.

Have you wondered why you are in a good relationship and all of a sudden he stops calling, stops visiting you.
and there was no previous disagreement and he just disappears and one day you see him in the arms of someone who is less attractive , less intelligent.

you ask yourself so what do men want exactly.

you are hurt because you thought your giving it your best.

please note that a man can decide to leave you anytime he wants. But right now we need to look at the mistakes women make in order to know whether he’s leaving for the right reasons or for the wrong reasons.


3 worst mistake women make in relationship that cause men disappear

  1. Believing that what attracts you to him is the same thing that he finds attractive in you:

    As a  woman you might be attracted to a man’s beauty intelligence or even table manners.
    But some women think that men find the same thing attractive in them, not all men are attracted to your beauty some men are attracted to your smile or your confidence.

    So if a man is attracted to your confidence or your smile and you think he’s attracted to your beauty because the same thing attracted you to him you’re wasting your time. So.. What you looking for in a man is not what he is looking for in you.

  2. Being too forward:
    The mistake you can make is asking a man where your relationship is heading to this will make him to run far away from you stop calling and texting him all the time you see it as been caring while he sees it as being too clingy.

    Never I repeat never ask a man where your relationship is going to.

    Don’t push him to take you on a date don’t bother him with commitment of clarity will make him run and when l mean run,I mean run and disappear.

    I’m a woman and I know how much we love to be in a committed relationship and we like to have clarity to be sure what the man thinks of us in a relationship to know whether he’s in to stay or leave.

    But don’t do it it will make you look desperate a man that loves you will commit to you.

    But if you get tired of waiting, leave him. leaving Him will make him to wake up commit.

    3.  Being afraid of getting hurt:

    Stop comparing him with your ex he’s not going to hurt you.

    Each time he tries to do something for you are comparing him with your ex This makes him feel less of a man he is going to leave you.

    Stop killing your relationship because someone in the past broke your heart. let it go and enjoy your relationship with the man you love.bif you don’t stop making him feel like he’s going to break your heart any minute he will disappear and when I mean disappear I mean for good.
    so let go of the past.

    I am writing this out of experience , suffocating your man all in the name of love will make him disappear so check yourself and you will see where you’re going wrong sometimes the man is not always at fault.

    The above are just three reasons why men disappear there are more reasons like your attitude,your dressing, and let us not forget your mouth you know what I mean women love to talk and sometimes we talk too much which might get us into trouble.
    so what you say about him,his family or his work matters.

    Don’t forget that a man can leave you because he’s no longer interested. It happens just as you can lose interest in a man yes he can also lose interest in you.


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