My 30 Days Squat Challenge |Nancydesire

Hello boo
I’m entering into the month of September with a new challenge I must fufill.
Which is the 30 days squat and water challenge you may have heard of it.
I’m actually combining two challenges together.

I have heard a lot about how this has worked for people and how they have lost weight and gotten a firm butt.
So I wanna try it .

Why I’m i doing this challenge

Yes you may ask, I will list the reasons below for you

  • My birthday is coming up on October and I’m doing a photo shoot so I need to look trim.
  • I want to be healthy, water is really powerful and can do a lot for you if you try it
  • And some squat will leave my butt looking delicious!?
  • I want to challenge my body and see what it can do and how far I can push it.
  • I also need something to keep my mind busy.
    And above all I want to see if this will truly work.

And that’s where you come in

Please I need motivation I need a reminder to keep on, I can be lazy.
Below are the chart for the challenges

My 30 Days Squat Challenge |Nancydesire

30 days water challenge|Nancydesire
The only challenge I know I will enjoy would be the water challenge. I like drinking water. But for the squatting??? So help me God.

In case you are confused about the water it is just you drinking 8 cups/glass of water every day for 30 days.
Why don’t you join me let’s do it together.
I will be updating my weekly experience with the challenge and I’m starting tomorrow 1st of September 2017.
Please comment and share I will be happy if you could go on this journey with me.

Comment your thought on this if you want to join me or share your experiences if you have done it before.
I lovelearning.So let’s learn together.


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