Believe it or not a lot of women are stuck in very bad relationships that are glaring. Every one tries to talk them out of it but they still stick to the relationship like glue. This leaves you  wondering why someone will be in a very bad relationship and still pretend to be happy.

Everyone sees the man abuse her physically, verbally and emotional, cheats on her with every thing on skirt and yet she acts like nothing is wrong and stays in the relationship. Growing up I always told myself that I will never take trash from any man but as I got into relationships I began to understand why most women stay in abusive relationship. ABUSE is not only physical, it is also emotional and verbal. Below I will list and explain the three reasons why women stay in bad relationships.

4 Reason why most women stay in bad relationships

  1. Money
  2. Fear
  3. what people will say
  4. Low self-esteem4 Reason why most women stay in bad relationships

Most women stay in bad and abusive relationship because of money or the lack of it.

most of these women depend solely on the man for money and staying with the man guarantees financial security. so they would rather be abused than be broke. Unbelievable right? but it is real.

  • FEAR

This is the number one thing that keeps some women in bad relationship. Fear of being alone, fear of losing their children, fear of starting  over again, fear of losing everything.  In most bad relationships the man makes the woman feel that she is nothing without him and she eventually believes him and it goes into her subconscious that she is nothing without the man.


Most women are stay in abusive relationships because they are afraid of what people will say, they have built up this prefect relationship in the minds of people. So no matter what the man does they stay to keep up the pretense. Some refuse to leave because of some “principle” that says that they have to stay and work it out and it is their sole duty to make the relationship work.  The fear of what people will think is a prison of its own.


Low self-esteem is another reason women stay in bad relationship, they believe the man is doing them a favor by being in a relationship with them. This makes them to take insults and disrespect and abuse from the man on a daily.

No one should be comfortable in a bad relationship

The above reasons are the few reasons why women stay in bad and abusive relationships. It pains me deeply that women still stay in bad relationships. How they are brainwashed to stay there and make it work seriously annoys me.

If you are reading this and you are in a bad and abusive relationship its time to leave put the fear away and make that move. You need to believe that you deserve better and no one should ever treat you like trash. If you need a more personal help CLICK HERE


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