4 Simple Steps to create a gorgeous everyday look

Hello boo, Today I will show you how to create a gorgeous everyday look that will turn heads. I am excited writing this, I like makeup but I am still learner, I can’t even draw my eyebrows(shhhh don’t tell anyone)

So my friend and colleague Tessy George will be showing you girls the steps to create a simple yet gorgeous everyday look, that will leave you looking AMAZING!!!!. Let me show you the final look before I give the steps she recommended to get it right.

I know right, GORGEOUS!!! SO BELOW ARE THE STEPS TO ACHIEVE THIS LOOK. But before that let me introduce her properly

Tessy George is an upcoming actress, OAP and a beauty and lifestyle enthusiast,extremely social and yes she is gorgeous.

4 Simple Steps to create a gorgeous everyday look

To get the above look follow the steps she gave carefully, and you have a picture for every step, let’s get started.

Step 1:

She used an eye pencil( Davis 03) to get the eyebrow shape, together with spooning brush to brush the hairs and make them go backwards

Step 2:

She achieved this look with a brown eyeshadow color on the upper part of her eyes, and a golden eyeshadow beneath it, and she lined them with a liquid eyeliner
Step 3:

Her lips are lined with a purple lip liner (Davis 01), then she applied a pink matte lipstick.
Final look

When your done with all these, you can now apply your powder or foundation if you like, to get the perfect look and remove all unnecessary particles of makeup.

Yep that’s the way to create an every day look that is simple and gorgeous. you can wear this makeup to school, church, work, literally anywhere. It is not over the top it is simple and I believe that simplicity is elegance.

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