Blogging is something that I have come to realize is really hard and not a get rich quick business. I started blogging because I love writing and I wanted to share my thoughts with the world but that has never been easy I have been part time blogging (blogger) for some years as I combined it with schooling which is really tasking.

On today’s article I will be sharing some of the struggles I have faced and still facing in blogging. Or the things that really made or makes blogging difficult for me.

My challenges as a blogger

challenges a Nigerian Blogger faces


If you live or heard things about Nigeria you will know that we don’t have constant power supply and as a blogger you need to be online almost 24/7 to make it work abut once they is no power and your laptop is off you wont be able to hit your target. My laptop battery doesn’t last that much so once power is off I am definitely offline. It is really frustrating especially when I have a lot of work to be done. And lack of another means of power supply slows me down.

Network issues

Another problem that many bloggers or people who have online business face is bad network, I have to be online to make it work but network issues will not let me be. I can have a steady power supply for 3 hours but bad/slow network wont even let me go online and this is so frustrating. Then when network is fast then there will be no power supply. And vice versa


Money makes the world go around as a blogger I have spent a lot of money on my blog to make some certain things work as they say you need money to make money. Most times if not all the time I am out of cash and it can be really frustrating and it slows me down. I think it is by far my biggest challenge in blogging. When things go wrong you need money to fix it. Some months ago my phone camera had issues and I stopped vlogging because I couldn’t afford buying a new phone.

Lack of support

The lack of support can be frustrating my family don’t care about the whole blogging thing. And most times there is nobody to give me moral support especially at those times when I am depressed and things are not going as planned for me in blogging. It is just me myself and I against the world.

These are some of the things I struggle with in blogging. This process has taught me a lot and I have grown as I had to learn everything about blogging on my own. I know better days will come so I am very optimistic. Thank you for reading have a nice day. mu-ah


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