Everyday we learn, everyday we grow and become better, most lessons are learnt the hard way. But what is life without lessons. Life has taught me a lot of lessons some lessons I had to learn some of them the hard way and some from others.
I will be sharing with you the five lessons life has taught me. I hope you will be able to learn one or two things from this lessons as I mentioned earlier I had to learn some of these lessons the hard way, I had to cry and wish I would die from my mistakes but at the end of the day I didn’t die but I learnt some valuable lessons and I am grateful.

5 Lessons life has taught me

5 Lessons life has taught meSilence is golden

We tend to overlook the importance of silence, from my experience there is peace in silent. I am what you will call a talkative and this has brought me a lot of issue,Remember that the tongue can kill and destroy. I always thought that talking a lot will get me a lot of friends and make me likable but I later realized that I was wrong.
Talking too much brought me a lot of insults even from those who on a normal day can not talk to me. Silence is golden, and I had to learn that the hard way, my personality is warm, friendly but I had to learn and still learning how to tune it down. I began to keep to my self and talk when it is extremely important and to listen more. You will be amazed at what you will learn from keeping quiet.

Pick your battles

Life has taught me to pick my battles, To realize that everything is not worth shouting, talking and killing myself for. I had difficulties ignoring certain things especially when it is one of my pet peeves,I would complain and shout until I am heard. I had to learn to pick my battle the right way when I lost something really important to me. Remember the saying when you fight with a pig, the pig will be happy because it loves dirty so the only person that will come out embarrassed is you.
I learnt to overlook some things and since I stopped caring I have had serious peace. And silence also comes here when someone does something to you just ignore that person some people are not worth running your reputation for. it is not easy to overlook something especially when someone is intentionally hurting you, Believe me ignore them till they die(not literally though).

Don’t let your emotions control you

I am emotional,I literally cry for everything, I cry when I watch movies or when someone cries, yep, you are getting the picture, when you show so much emotions people tend to take advantage of it. Don’t let them know you are weak even when you can barely stand their foolishness,. This is a lesson I have being taught severally and most times in a hard way, when you let your emotions show people get to predict your next move and that is never a good thing.
I remember being humiliated in my school main library by a man who claimed to be in charge, making me look like a thief searching my books, and phone at that point I ended up crying because I hated being humiliated especially when I am innocent. But if I were to face that again I will control my emotions and act like I wasn’t affected.

Don’t be too quick to jump into conclusion

I don’t just jump but fly into conclusion, which is wrong and could lead to a lot of regrets in life. Life has taught me to not jump into conclusions quickly. Take your time and access the situation before you jump into conclusion although it is hard for most people who are like me, but practice makes perfect.

Be careful who you hang out with

The saying show me your friends and I will tell you who you are is real, from my experience the company you keep greatly affects your life and character. I hate gossiping but whenever I was with a particular person I noticed that all I did was gossip unbeknownst to me, I noticed this and reduced my contact with that person. Hang out with people who are passionate and will impact your life positively. People who have goals, people who will push you to be better.

Truthfully life has taught me so many lessons but this are just the five that has stood out for me. Life is a school where lessons will be learnt. The lessons you have learnt in life is there to help you grow and make you a better person.

Remember that you don’t have to let something to happen to you before you learn, learn from others.

What lessons has life taught you? And how has it changed you? leave a comment below and don’t forget to share, someone you love need to read this

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