5 must haves for every woman on her first date
5 must haves for every woman on her first date|nancydesire photos

A woman’s first date is special and important. And needs to be prepared for. You must equip your self with the right amours before leaving your home for a date. Apart from wearing a dress and shoes you are comfortable in. You need to go along with some things in case of emergency

Some women go on dates unprepared and end up in regrets.



  1. MONEY: Even if he is picking you up and paying for everything, always have your money with you. Whether it is a date or not. Some women who have left their purse at home came back with sad stories. For instance your date might decided not to pay for your meal because you refused his advances or leaves you to find your way home or leave you in the middle of nowhere. So sweetheart make sure you are with cash or even your credit card, these things are important. Just imagine the look on his face when you open your purse and pay for meal or walk out and call  a cab. priceless!
  2. CELLPHONE: If you mistakenly forget money, Don’t ever forget your phone which  can save your life(you can call for help) and you can call for date rescue if the guy bores you to death. Please never leave the house without your cell phone.
  3. MAKEUP: I didn’t say you should carry your make bag. Just take your powder, your lip gloss or even a lipstick. At all times for touch ups. Remember the powder must have a mirror.
  4. PERFUME: This is optional. You can slip in your body spray or perfume in your bag.  You never know what is going to happen.
  5. CONFIDENCE: Always leave that door feeling like the prettiest woman alive. If you don’t have self-confidence it will show and he will notice.

Apart from the above I recommend you should take your hankie. I never go anywhere without my hankie.

The above is just my opinion on what you should use it have on your first date.So what do you think ? Make your own list. Comment below

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