How to get over your ex

Relationships are either meant to last or break. But when someone we love breaks up with us or dumps as the case may be we are lost, we hurt and we find it difficult to move on. In this article I will be telling you some of the reasons why you are not getting over your ex.
I have personally had my fair share of heart break and I have also had a hard time getting over some of them. You are not alone in this, Once someone breaks up with you especially someone you are madly in love with or someone you felt you had a future with you are shocked and your heart breaks and you start asking yourself questions and start doubting yourself. Most people go through depression and some tend to try to call the ex and try to find out what they did wrong with the intent to fix it. But they keep hurting themselves directly or indirectly.

It is okay to feel pain when someone breaks your heart. It is okay to cry but you need to know when to move on.


Few reasons why you are not getting over your Ex

Now let us get into the real reason why you are not getting over your ex. I will be citing some of my experiences in discussing this.How to get over your ex

  • You still have his/her pictures on your phone; This is the beginning of your problem once it is over between you and someone quickly delete the pictures you have of him or her on your phone or the pictures you both took together on social media. Take it down.
  • You still have his/her number; this is another issue I remember finding it so difficult to get over my ex because I still had his number so most times I was tempted to call him and I did and yes I made a fool out of myself. So please delete the number and erase it from your memory.
  • You still have them on social media; first of all delete the chats of you both, if not you will keep going back to it and remembering things you shouldn’t remember, delete, delete ,delete; unfollow him/her on twitter, instagram or other social media if you want to block you are free. The more you see their post or picture the more you find it difficult to get over get over him/her. And this will go further to break your heart especially where he/she finally moves on and start posting new bae’s picture online. You need your own peace of mind.
  • You are still locked up in your room and refusing to see the world; most times when we are heart broken we tend to find solace in food, drinks and our bed but that doesn’t always work and most time you feel worse . not all of us have amazing friends who would take us shopping or outing to get over heartbreak and many have to get through this alone. You need to leave that room.
  • You are refusing to accept date offers; I know you don’t a rebound relationship but going out with someone else can help you feel much better.
  • You are constantly listening to sad love songs; one word DON’T
  • You are stalking your ex; that will not help you please STOP
  • You are still going back for good sex; Are you serious? No matter how good he or she is good in bed if it is over it is over. Please stop
  • You friends are reporting his/her every move to you; and from what I have learnt this will never help you move on.
  • You are still holding on to souvenirs that reminds you of the relationship; BURN IT TO PIECES
  • You are still picking and replying their text messages; I know that many say that you can be friends with your ex but you need to first of all get the healing you need before you start the whole friendship thing.

Moving on from a heartbreak is hard but not impossible especially when you have given some years of your life to the person. The truth is that it is up to you to decide to move on. No matter what anyone tells you if you don’t want to move on you wont. I have been there not a wonderful place to be but you can make it. Get busy, when you get busy with your life you can actually go a ,month plus without thinking about him/her. I wrote and article specifically for getting over heartbreak click here to read it.

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