What does it mean to cheat

The oxford advanced learners dictionary defines cheat as to fool, deceive. Betray. Trick or con. That is to act in a dishonest way.

So when someone cheats in a relationship he/she is Being deceitful and dishonest and this is usually brings any relationship to a full stop.
Research has shown that men tend to cheat more in relationship and with thousands of attractive women out there men easily fall prey.

Relationship is not an examination and yet people cheat.

Dont be surprised by the amount of broken relationship everywhere.
Believe it or not before a man cheats he has already set aside a reason he will give his partner for cheating.

Some men believe that it is their God given right to cheat. And Some women has grown up with this mentality and they fully prepare themselves for their men to cheat.

I did a little research and i found out 5 unbelievable reasons why men cheat.

People have gone over and over trying to explain to women why exactly men cheat but it seems not to be enough.
I hope this five reasons why men cheat gives you a little peace of mind and helps you understand why there cheat.

“If you are a man reading this you must know that a woman find cheating unthinkable and unforgiveable. A woman can put up with a lot of things expect cheating.”

5 unbelievable reasons why men cheat

  • Because they can;
    Yes you read right. Men cheat because they can. Men and women have different views on sex, for women sex is an act of intimacy only to be shared with one’s true love. But for men it is easy for them to have sex, go home, wash it off and behave as if nothing happened. You might be surprised to hear that a man who loves his wife, children dearly will go out and sleep with another woman without a second thought.
  •  They is always a woman out there willing to cheat with him:

This is just the gospel truth if every woman said “No you are married i can’t sleep with you”
The world of Relationships would have been safer.

Some women have no standards and can cheat with anyone and there by destroying relationships people have spent time building.
So since all this women are available and willingly to cheat. Men find it easier to cheat.


  •              You are just not getting it right: I said it! It could be your fault Remember that there is no smoke without fire.
    Before anything else check yourself and see where you are getting it wrong.
    You think denying your spouse sex, nagging him to death and making his life miserable, leaving the house in a complete mess of unwashed clothes and dishes, wearing clothes grandmothers won’t even wear, with untidy hair will make him stay at home and be faithful. Then you are dreaming.
    Make things right in your relationship. You will never appreciate what you have until you lose it. So wake up! Before another woman steals your man.
  •      They think they can get away with it:
    Oh yes , this really makes me laugh really out loud.
    Men be thinking they are 007 gosh!
    They believe they are so slick and can hide third movements and never get caught.

Even when they are caught they will turn the tables and blame you for lack of trust.

Men can be annoying at times.

  •          For bragging rights:

Could you believe that? it is so annoying seeing men brag about how many women they have slept with.
Excuse me if you want to brag real good about how many women you have had sex with go and become a male prostitute.

Note: i know this may sound somehow it is only a man who loves you that will deny after cheating. Or run after you after he has been caught red handed cheating. If he doesn’t love you he will never apologize, run after you to explain.

Oh before i forget there is one more

some men cheat because they are just womanizers that’s why they sleep with everything in skirt.


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