A friend in need is a friend indeed, everyone needs a friend, a friend is someone other than family or lover that you enjoy  their company and feel affection towards. So… defiantly you have a friend. Friends are great especially when you have good ones. Having friends is not always the issue, the issue is having good oneswho will be there for you through thick and thin, someone or some people who you can count on, your ride and die.

I cannot over emphasize the importance of having friends, some friends stick closer than family, everyone deserves to have at least one , a friend is the next best thing to family if not better in some cases, and your friendship with someone can impact on your life negatively or positively.

We are so obsessed with having good friends that we forget that we need to be one. Many of us are terrible friends, some already know they are terrible but others are unaware of this. In this article I want you to do some soul searching and that’s why I would be looking at 5 signs that show that you are a terrible friend. It’s important to read this with an open mind so that you can make changes where necessary. Remember to treat others the way you want to be treated.

5 Signs you are a terrible friend | Nancydesire


  • You don’t listen: In a world of fast technology, many a times we are so consumed with it that we don’t remember that they are people out there who are counting on us. How many times have you been more interested in the lives of someone you don’t know on social media than your friend(s)? or how many times have someone been talking to you and you are so engrossed with your phone? Its important to listen to people, you don’t know what they are going through don’t wait till they commit suicide to change , change now! You wont like to be ignored, so why ignore others especially someone you call friend. Always listen, put away your phone for a minute or two and listen.
  • You don’t support your friends:Many of us don’t support or care about our friends dreams and aspirations. You need to be your friend’s biggest cheerleader. Support doesn’t always mean money, be there for them. You can post their songs on your social media account or tell people about them or their business. Support them like you want to be:support.
  • You only remember them when you need something: I am a guilty of this and I realized it recently. If you only remember to call your friend when you need money or support then you are wrong.. you would defiantly get mad when someone does the same thing to you.
  • You are never there when they need you: Are you the friend that is no where to be found when your friends need you? You are never available for them, you are always busy to pick your call or call back. Have you ever ditched them to hang out with people you feel are more cooler than him or her. Be there for them when they need, some might be going through a lot but wont tell you. be observant. I know you have your own life but friendship is about sacrifice. Call them let them know that you care.
  • You gossip and backbite them: Yep! So many of us are guilty of this. Are you constantly backbiting or gossiping about someone you call friend? Then you are a terrible friend. Yep you are! You are to protect your friend in public and caution them in private, never be part of a conversation meant to bring down a friend. Don’t let jealousy or the fact that they are doing better in life than you keep you miserable and turn you into a bitter backbiter and gossip.

I hope you picked up one or two things from this article, go ahead and be the change you want to see in others, mend your ways and be a good showing love and support to your friends. Thank you for reading this article but before I stop let me drop this quote for you hope you will find it useful

Jealousy will have you gossiping about someone you should be learning from.

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