I love to travel but I have not gotten the opportunity to travel as much as I want to. There are key destinations I want to go to and see everything about it. One of the things I want to do when I finish school is to drop everything and travel.

Travelling gives you the opportunity to meet new people, taste new delicacies, see other people’s way of life.

It can open your eyes and make you realize that there is more to live than you think. The adventure, truthfully I am not an adventurous person but I want to go bungee jumping, swim in the ocean, kiss a stranger, take lots and lots of picture. The lists of things I want to do are endless and I can achieve a lot from travelling. The thought of travelling excites me but I cannot afford to do that now, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of travelling and having the time of my life. Below are the 6 places I want to travel to and I really want to go there as soon as possible.


6 places I want to travel to and why-My wanderlust -paris

As a hopeless romantic it is has always been my dream to go to the city of love , Paris. I want to seat in one of those coffee shops and sip a cup of coffee while I look out of the glass window of the shop, Eat in a 5 star restaurants, taste their delicacy get my painting done, meet a French man(if you know what I mean) attend a fashion show, visit the Eiffel Tower, the louver, take lots and lots of pictures and see everything that makes Paris a place to be. In high school I learnt French for 5 years although I am still rusty I can still say Bonjour


6 places I want to travel to and why-My wanderlust- Dubai

The city of malls. Dubai is a place I would love to go for my honeymoon (future boo take note) I love shopping till I drop but for now I am strictly on a budget and cannot make that happen. But I dream of going to Dubai and shopping, staying in the most luxurious hotels, getting pampered and having fun. I want to go here on all expense paid unless I hit a jackpot and I can pay for it all on my own.


6 places I want to travel to and why-My wanderlust- Bahamas

I love hanging out in the beach but I can’t swim. Bahamas is the best place for a vacation especially a baecation(that is a vacation with boo) Lying in the beach. Letting the breeze hit my face, drinking the best cocktails. I want to go to Bahamas preferably to be dined and wined by a billionaire who knows how to treat a lady right.winks



The city of the gods in my past life I am very sure I was a goddess. I love Greece and it is somewhere I want to be. As a theatre arts student I have read history and been taught that theatre began from Greece thanks to Thespis and that why we are called thespians. I want to see everything I have been taught. take pictures, visit amazing places


6 places I want to travel to and why-My wanderlust- New York

the city that never sleeps I have watched a lot if movies that where set in New York as well as novels. The city with the yellow cabs and well dressed ladies. City with beautiful penthouses. I can’t wait to go to New York so I can see. I can’t wait to go to Broadway to watch a play or more. Go to the movies. Attend black ties parties in the arms of a New York billionaire(I know I read too much romance novel). A girl can only dream. And most important I can’t wait to see New York city at night and let’s not forget my visit to Hampton


6 places I want to travel to and why-My wanderlust- India

The home of species, colors and Bollywood. One thing I love about India is that it is colorful. And their materials are amazing. Their clothes are wow and I heard the people are hospitable. And I want to travel there out of curiosity. I seriously want to know if they just start dancing and singing in-between conversations and in the middle of the market.

Now what about you what is your wanderlust? where do you want to travel to? Do we have a common wanderlust? comment below

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