How to know your relationship is coming to an end

Relationships are interesting and can bring untold joy as well as untold pain and sorrow, when relationship end (s)we keep wondering how we never saw it coming. The truth is that when a relationship is about to end they are signs that show it but most times we are blind and we ignore the signs as they say love is blind (is it really?) knowing that your relationship is about to end might helps you brace for impact.

In this article I will show you some of the signs that indicates that your relationship is about end. These are my opinions and observations if you have more leave a comment below.

How to know your relationship is coming to an end

Below are some of the signs or how to know your relationship is about to end

  • Less communication; communication is key to a successful relationship when you notice that the both of you don’t talk as you used to before it is a bad sign and if you don’t want to communicate with your partner as you would normally do then know that the end is here.
  • You are always fighting; when you get to that point in your relationship where every discussion ends with argument and quarrels and a fight just know that it is about to happen.
  • When you both stop doing the things that make the other person happy; if you or your partner start slacking and stop doing those things that made you Fall in love with each other, the end is definitely nearer than you think.
  • When you can’t stand to be near your partner or vice versa; one thing about relationship I love is getting to spend time with my partner but in a relationship where you see spending time with your partner as a chore then the end is near
  • When there are lot of secrets in your relationship: we all have secrets and some we will take to our graves but when your partner becomes super secretive and starts hiding their phones and stuffs they normally would never do. Then something is definitely wrong somewhere.
  • Their attitude changes toward you; when they change and don’t have time for you anymore. Just know that it is about to end.
  • Cheating: when you find out that he or she is cheating on you

The above are just some of the ways to know that your relationship is about to end they could be more you have observed or know. Please comment below don’t forget to share . Below are some relationship articles I will recommend for you to read.

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