Happy valentines day sugar!

It’s another Valentines day , a day a of love. Although it is not my favorite holiday but it is really amazing to see a day that is dedicated to love alone. I have never being crazy about Valentines day or anything that has to do with it if not for people who broadcast it on social media.

This valentines day should make sense

I have a feeling that this Valentines day will be different but my pessimistic side has refused to accept that. This is not about me but about you, so go and have fun. And for my single people, being single shouldn’t make you not to enjoy a beautiful day such as this. Go out and grab a movie, food or even watch a movie at home, have a one man/woman party.
And if you are in a relationship its time to go all out and show your significant order that you love him/her. You must not buy or go to expensive restaurant to make this day special. You can send amazing text messages and voice notes to make them feel special before you start making other plans to make your day amazing. It is important to know that the little things matter in every relationship.

Its another Valentines day

Don’t think much about it the day will soon be over and every thing will be back to normal

Although many claim it is over rated but it is something that will never go away. I am off to finding my val and to show love to very special people in my life and the not so special ones. and I will give you all the full gist later.

Have an amazing Valentines day, May the odds be in your favor.

PS: Don’t forget to show love to your next door neighbor, they might need it.


Nancy Desire

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