10 Sure Fire Ways To Attract Men While OverWeight

One of the major question on every overweight woman’s mind is “will any man ever find me attractive?. And here is the good news its possible don’t forget that there are men who love plus size women. Now am going to share some secrets with you on how to get guys to literally drool over you. But you must first of all LOVE yourself and believe you are the most beautiful woman on earth.

                 Sure fire ways to attract men if you are overweight

    • DRESSING: Being overweight doesn’t mean you should be wearing rags. wear fitted clothes not oversize clothes. Always dress nicely and wear clothes that make you feel beautiful.
    • PERSONAL HYGIENE :Don’t turn yourself into a pig because you are overweight,do your nails,hair,bath regularly apply  antiperspirant,perfumes,wear clean clothes.Remember that been overweight is not a curse or disease.you can’t attract a man in rags and dirt.
    • SOCIALIZE: Just because you feel people will make fun of you,shouldn’t stop you from socializing. people will love you because of your qualities not your weight. You cant attract a guy by locking yourself up in your room from morning to night try going  to places where you know guys hang out a lot and make sure you obey 1&2 before any outings.
    • HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Been overweight doesn’t mean you should behave like the whole world is against you or become a bully or drag your feet and frown all the time. you can’t attract a guy by dwelling in self pity. Smile always,participate in school activities. Bring out your talents and flaunt them like singing,dancing…..etc. This will get you lots of attention. Don’t be a hermit sitting in the back of the class. No one will see you.
    • APPROACH GUYS: I know this sounds awkward and hard but this can be done simply make light conversation with the cute boy sitting next to you on the bus,in classroom or office. This can start with a simple good morning and a beautiful smile or asking him what’s the time. don’t do this everyday,just take a day or two,then compliment his good side. we don’t want to look desperate do we?if he is interested in you,it will show. but if he is not move to the next person.
      Try making friends with guys. if there is one you like don’t try to be too friendly or you will forever be friends with him. Don’t make awkward or stupid conversation,talk to him when he is less busy or alone. quickly glance at him and look away until he looks at you,then smile and please don’t drool over him.

Overweight women are either busty or have really nice shape flaunt that but not too much. DON’T let anyone intimidate you, you are bold and beautiful and you can get any man you want, Remember that there is a man for every woman.

  • MAKE LOTS OF FRIENDS: Be kind and nice to everyone. No body wants to date a bully Guys are more attracted to friendly and outgoing women. Don’t have the impression that skinny girls are more attractive. Trying to be popular won’t get you a guy and it doesn’t guarantee a boyfriend. be simple and loving but don’t let anyone step all over you.you are special.
  • DON’T FOCUS ON YOUR WEIGHT: When a guy compliments you smile and thank him don’t make reference to your weight. He is not blind,he knows you are overweight. talking about your weight or problems all the time will push all the guys away. when you are with a guy or a group of guys talk about interesting things and don’t forget to smile.
  • TRY TO REDUCE SOME WEIGHT:Yes i know this uncalled for but its important the easiest way to lose weight which i do is to stop eating immediately its 7pm and you will lose weight like magic and during the day take less sweets. I have lost so many pounds by doing this.
  • MOVE ONE STEP AHEAD: Once you get guys talking to you casually ask for their phone no’s or Facebook Id.Don’t call or poke them everyday,that’s a sign of,  desperation from experience guys don’t like desperate girls.With time everything will fall into place.

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  1. what an intresting post nancy, what you just give out is what one of my female shool friend is doing at the moment, i think what more intresting thing to do is to nice to everyone around you and what your attitude. i think i like the overweight.

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