#BbnNaija2018; How to handle Toxic people around you

Can toxic people be handled?

Big brother Naija is officially over and miracle won. And we cannot deny the drama that came with it; we expected some and some shocked us. Before the grand finale there was a big fight (should I even call it that) where Cece lambasted Tobi whom she used to date. Many viewers were shocked as she called him different names I cannot repeat here. Although I am one of those people who feel Tobi deserves what he got but that is a story for another day.

Cece is a drama queen we all know that and she says her mind like she means it which doesn’t always go well with everyone and she and been named toxic. The episode in the big brother house inspired me to write this article on how to deal with toxic people around you. The truth is that in everyday life we meet people who are very toxic, they just hate you for no reason and always have a reason to quarrel or fight with someone. Although I am one of those people who like Cece not because her character but because she was real and didn’t hide who she is. But truthfully she is toxic.

#BbnNaija2018; How to handle Toxic people around you

5 Ways to Handle toxic people around you.

I will be citing examples from big brother Naija 2018 when necessary

  • Keep calm: Silence is the fastest and easiest way to deal with a toxic person, remember that silence is the best answer to a fool. Toxic people want a reaction from you but if you keep quite and ignore them they will look stupid and get tired. During the episode Tobi ignored Cece I actually felt sorry for her at this point. She looked stupid. Imagine what would have happened if Tobi replied her. When this kind of people try to bring you down, ignore them, even when it is hurting you. If you don’t react they wont know that their words and actions are hurting you and wont get the satisfaction they want.
  • Pick your battles:In life you need to understand that everything is not worth it. So pick your battles. Know when to reply and when not to reply. The earlier you learn that a toxic person is not worth your time the better for you. If it gets too much walk out of the room.
  • They are hurting and It has nothing to do with you: One thing I noticed was that Cece was talking from an emotional place remember that before the drama that Tobi told her he didn’t like her again. So that fueled her anger. So most times you might be the reason a toxic person is toxic, and most times their hurt has nothing to do with you, there can frustrated with life or be jealous of what you have and that leads them to lash out. If you understand that that person is going through stuffs that make them to be toxic you will ignore it and move on. Most times people say what they don’t mean to prove a point.
  • They are battling with low self esteems: Yes this is the number one reason many people are toxic. They have low self-esteem. They are miserable in life, they hate themselves and only drive joy from bringing others down. This should actually make you feel sorry for them and ignore them.
  • Detach your self:This is the most important, if the toxic person is someone kinda close to you, detach yourself slowly until they get the point. Stop hanging out with them. Stop chatting with them, distance yourself and have peace.

Above are some of the ways you can handle Toxic people around you. I hope you learnt. Have you ever met a toxic person? How did you deal with them? Comment below.

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