Dear diary Its been a while and I'm still struggling to move on, to find a new beginning . Every day is a struggle. Fighting to become whom I want to become. I have finally accepted that he is not meant for me and that it will never be. No woman should ever allow a man to mistreat her. I realized that...
Dear dairy “ He is not meant for you, he is not meant for you.” I keep repeating to myself it was never meant to be. But the pain won’t go away I am a brokenhearted girl and this is Day 2 of my diary. It feels like my heart is about to be ripped out of my chest. Have you ever...
Dear diary, I am tired, so tired of loving and not being loved in return. I am a hopeless romantic who believes so much in prince charming and happily ever after. No matter how many time I have been hurt I still want to believe that he is somewhere out there for me and that he is just taking his...
Hate is a strong word but this is how i feel about long distance relationships. please allow me to rant. long distance relationship is making people miserable and causing heartache. i think it should be banned. for those who don't know about long distance relationship and why i hate it read carefully the words below to get the gist. What Is Long...
I’m a writer, relationship coach, comedy-addict, sunshine rainbow colorful kinda girl who believes in fairy tales and happily ever after. Beneath the warm and friendly exterior is a hard nut to crack. In ten years time I see my self living my ultimate fantasy which is a secret.


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