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Every woman wants to be with man who cares, understands, supports her and makes her feel like the only woman in the world. This article will help you to know the simple ways to show your woman you love her without even having to say you do verbally. I will make this article as brief as possible. Relationship as I...
3 things every man needs in a relationship
Relationship (s) are hard but it takes two people who are willing to sacrifice,tolerate, over look, and commit to make it work. So before getting into it make sure you are ready. I am going to discuss 3 things every man needs in a relationship; that is what they expect in a relationship from their partners and I am going...
5 Things you should never wear to a date
Going on dates is very important , I cant stress on how important it is to go on dates. you get to meet someone new while you have the time of your  life. But ladies make mistakes that end up making them not to enjoy their date because of poor wardrobe choice. you can check out  5 Criteria to...
Welcome to another day of question of the day. This question is sensitive and most ladies want to know the answer to this question. Guys when is the right time to propose to a girl? Comment below.I love reading your thoughts KEEP SCROLLING DOWN TILL YOU SEE THE COMMENT BOX. THANK YOU
How easy is it to get over your Ex? not very easy. It is actually funny what most people do to get over their ex especially when that person immediately gets someone new. so for this post I will be showcasing 11 memes that shows how girls react when their ex gets someone new. and yes I created the...
Welcome to today's question of the day How long should one wait before having sex in a relationship? We all know how important sex is in a relationship. So should one wait 2 months, 3 years, a week a day? Let your opinion be heard and seen. Comment below. Don't forget to share as well let others join in on the conversation.
Welcome to today's question of the day. Are you ready? Good the question for today is: CAN YOU MARRY A BLIND PERSON? Whether a man or a woman. Your opinions matters so much to me. Please leave a comment share and come back to check for people's contributions to the question.

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