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The importance of the honeymoon phase in a relationship
The beginning of a relationship is always smooth, nice and amazing you cannot keep your hands off each other literally; you want to spend every waking moment together. That is called the honeymoon phase if you have gone through it in a relationship then you know what it is called. Note that going through the honeymoon phase in a relationship...
Pros and cons being in a relationship
Relationship is something everyone wants to be in, or almost everyone. It is sweet and amazing and fun(for some people anyway). It isn’t easy to be in a relationship, many who are in a relationship prefer to be single and vice versa. In today’s article I will be discussing the pros and cons of being in a relationship. Recommended; The...
Is it important to pray for your relationship It is said that a family that prays together stays together. I cannot over emphasize the importance of prayer in a relationship. Every religion believes in prayer and see it as a way we communicate with our God. Religion cannot do without it. I believe in the power of prayer not just because...
Relationship is between two people who are willing to come together and make it work. Sometimes things get heated in relationship and we hurt the other person or make them feel emasculated without knowing. In this article I will be discussing 12 things women do that make their men feel emasculated. Before I begin let me define emasculated so...
How to know your relationship is coming to an end
Relationships are interesting and can bring untold joy as well as untold pain and sorrow, when relationship end (s)we keep wondering how we never saw it coming. The truth is that when a relationship is about to end they are signs that show it but most times we are blind and we ignore the signs as they say love...
Putting all your eggs in one basket in a relationship? I am sure that many of you are familiar with this saying don’t put all your egg in one basket which literally means never put all your ideas or money or hope on one thing to survive especially in a relationship. This just simply means double dating. Most people are scared of...
How to get over your ex
Relationships are either meant to last or break. But when someone we love breaks up with us or dumps as the case may be we are lost, we hurt and we find it difficult to move on. In this article I will be telling you some of the reasons why you are not getting over your ex. I have personally...
I’m a writer, relationship coach, comedy-addict, sunshine rainbow colorful kinda girl who believes in fairy tales and happily ever after. Beneath the warm and friendly exterior is a hard nut to crack. In ten years time I see my self living my ultimate fantasy which is a secret.


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