Teenage dating
One of the things that makes teenage years exciting is suddenly finding out that you are attracted to the opposite sex. And This brings up the subject of dating. Please note that the desire to associate with the opposite sex is very natural. Most teens are clueless on where to start from. what is a date? A date is pre arranged...
It is quite funny how many articles tell you what to do on your first date but never tell you what not to do on your first date. Going on your first date especially with someone you like can be very exciting. But we tend to make a lot of mistakes on the first date, Have you ever asked yourself...
Who is a fat{big}girl Believe it or not there are men who love and adore fat girls. so if you are not one of them This article is not for you. Who is a fat girl. this is a definition everyone knows already; it's been sung like a song everyday on television, radio, magazines and all sorts. In my definition...
Almost every single lady wants to settle down one day and have a family. But before that there is some things you need to know before you marry and that leads us to the topic for today what every woman should know before courtship. What is Courtship The Macmillan dictionary defines courtship as a period of time when a man and...
10 Sure Fire Ways To Attract Men While OverWeight
One of the major question on every overweight woman's mind is "will any man ever find me attractive?. And here is the good news its possible don't forget that there are men who love plus size women. Now am going to share some secrets with you on how to get guys to literally drool over you. But you must...
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