Emotions(fear in this case) can influence every area of our lives-for good or bad and this influences the other three most important areas of life-mind,will and body. According to Tim Lahaye the author of “WHY YOU ACT THE WAY YOU DO”No matter how intelligent a person is, when he gets emotionally upset he cannot think in an orderly fashion”People’s mind are generally dominated by their emotions. As a christian or as a person to live a good and fulfilling life your mind must control your emotions and not the other way round.

Our emotions are particularly powerful between the ages of fourteen and twenty-four that’s why the devil uses society, education,  drugs,  friends, amusements, and sex on young people during this age. At this stage in life they often make very bad life time decisions. In the bible some great men of God were brought down by this, for example David committed adultery with Bathsheba, out of fear he sent Uriah to war in order to cover his sins and not forgetting Elijah who ran away to hide on hearing of Jezebel’s threat on his life. Even after killing all the prophets of Baal. And peter denied Jesus three times. I gave this example to let you know you are not alone. Emotions can determine whether your relationship will be successful or not. And through this other sins are born. It can lead to lies, murder, suicide, blackmail and even death. Many  live their life fearing the unknown.

what is fear

It is a paralyzing emotion that restricts normal feelings of love,confidence and well begin. This can lead to anxiety,worry. “fear is to your emotions what cancer of blood is to your body,it invades the total person” (Tim Lahaye) Everyone will face fear the first time they are trying something new or dangerous but that’s not the kind of fear we are talking about.

But those who let their fears inhibit them from attempting whatever they would like to do has moved from normal fear to destructive fear. Never allow fear to keep you from doing the will of God.

10 Eye Opening Ways To Overcome Fear


  • OVER-PROTECTION: An overprotective parent makes a child self-centered and fearful of the very thing his parents are afraid will happen.
  • DOMINATION: A child who is brought up in a home where parents are angry, explosive and where every mistake or failures are pointed out all the time, This causes insecurity in a child.
  • TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE: Child molestation leaves a lasting scar that carries on into adulthood and this can destroy a relationship or marriage because they are afraid of commitment.
  • ANGER: This produces fear,some people have very bad temper that they find it difficult to socialize so as not to destroy their reputation.
  • PHYSICAL LOOKS: Some people are afraid of rejection because they feel they are too fat,tall,short,ugly.so this stops them from doing important things in their life
  • SIN: As a child of God when we commit sin we are afraid of the unknown and hell, the result of sin is guilt which leads to fear.


  • Living without fear, anxiety,and worry can be done by learning to life by faith. It won’t be easy but with patience and hard work you can make it work.
  • confess your fear as sin.
  • Ask God to take away the habit of fear.
  • Ask for the filling of the holy spirit.
  • Thank God by faith for victory.
  • Repeat the above every time you become afraid.

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