Dear dairy

“ He is not meant for you, he is not meant for you.” I keep repeating to myself it was never meant to be. But the pain won’t go away

I am a brokenhearted girl and this is Day 2 of my diary.

It feels like my heart is about to be ripped out of my chest. Have you ever had a heartbreak without really been in a relationship? that is what is going on now in my life. I thought I was in love and that I was going to be happy but it wasn’t as I thought it. I really want to do is scream out in frustration and throw something against a wall but I can’t because I am so afraid to hear what others might say and see the pity in their eyes.

I want to cut my wrist so badly and see the blood gush out. But I can’t I feel like such coward and all I can do is cry and my tears fall silently.

And what hurts the most is coming out from my room with smiles on my face pretending that everything is okay.

Today I realized that I can never force someone to love me because it will bring so much pain and heartaches

I am slowly losing my mind and all I could is cry,I want to let go but I still don’t know how.In all this pain I still remain a hopeless romantic who believes so much in fairy tales and prince charming and I know that he will find me one day it might not be today,tomorrow. Or even next year but I believe that he will find me.

Broken-hearted girl

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