Are there really Dangers of using some YouTube beauty Diy?

A few weeks back I was in my room in the hostel a girl from the hostel ran in frantically I was shocked as I have never seen her like. She asked if I knew how to remove dettol from her face as she used undiluted dettol straight from the bottle on her face and her face was burning. I quickly gave her soap to wash her face and after she applied baby oil to stop the pain I kept wondering why someone in their right senses will use dettol on her face. She told me that she watched a video(Skin care DIY)and was told that it will remove pimples from her face when applied.

What a story but this is what women go through everyday all in the name of beauty.

I have also done some of those ridiculous diy the pressure is much. She could have greatly harmed herself if she didn’t get help. That experience motivated me to write this article. I am also a vlogger and I am definitely not trying to spoil business for others but I am very sure that many women have gone through much worse than the girl who ran into my room all in the name beauty. Many YouTube content creators are not experts in their field but only tell you what works for them or what they heard work. The skin is very sensitive and everybody’s skin is not the same. I can use a product and it will make my skin glow but not work for you and vice versa
How youtube beauty Diy is ruining your skin
I have always been a seeker of knowledge and I want to have amazing skin but we don’t know who to trust anymore.The world is a now a global village and everyone claims to be an expert,exception to those who are really good and honest in what they do. Many YouTube content creators don’t care about their audience And are out to make money and would quickly recommend the worst to them.

Is there really a solution?

Many people are and will be victims to this beauty Diy. I am not an expert in skin care so I cannot give you the best answer. As what works for me might not work for you. A girl told me that she wanted to get better hair and did everything to her hair from rice water to other things she saw on YouTube yet nothing worked and her hair is still the same. Please I repeat please don’t fall victim to YouTube beauty diy scams it can cost you dearly. Before you use a method ask questions, know your type of skin and what works for you. I understand you want perfect skin so do I. Don’t destroy your skin in the quest to look better, consult a skin doctor, a trusted one. And make your decision.
One skin care advise I will give you is drink a lot of water it is natural and it will make your skin glow. Tested and trusted.

PS; I might write something on skin care DIY

So what do you think? have you ever used a beauty Diy and regretted or someone around you? leave a comment below
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