I will be reviewing Daqan 30 second exfoliating scrub. I was actually looking for face cleanser I wanted my face to be looking fresh, neat and smooth.
This product was recommended to me by a beauty shop owner.so I tried it and I was amazed. The first time I used it on my face was smooth and the dead skin on my face and neck were gone.

All you need to know about Daqan 30 second exfoliating scrub

Daqan 30 second exfoliating scrub
Daqan 30 second exfoliating scrub contains Strawberry and bilberry.
Before I continue let me tell you what strawberry and bilberry does to the skin.
Strawberry recreates skin vitality, effectively removing piling up in the skin surface,the dead skin. Making the face look brand new.
Bilberry can soften skin cutin layer mild and deep skin hair follicle dirt, effective to black head restore clean fair and transparent skin.
Daqan 30 second exfoliating scrub promises to remove dead skin and black head and also the. whitening of your face.

How to use

Daqan 30 second exfoliating scrub
Apply onto skin let it stay on the skin for 30 second and massage gently to exfoliate dead skin cells. Rinse off with clean water.
CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes if it happens, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Keep out of children and it’s not for consumption I know it smells nice but don’t lick it. Stop using if skin irritation appears. Store in cool place.

Price: i actually bought it for 1200 Naira. And it is totally worth it..You can also apply it to your butt. And under your stomach.

I’m grateful I bought it and I recommend it for you. Both make and female can use it. It has no downside for me. But I will advice you read the ingredients and know if it is good for you to use…

Thank you for reading if you have any questions comment below I will answer and don’t forget to share.

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