Many people may know the lady in the picture above. it’s quite funny how we live in a word where people use the outward beauty t judge others. for those who don’t know the lady above is Elizabeth velasquez.

Who is Elizabeth velasquez

Elizabeth Ann Velasquez also know as lizzie Velasquez is an American lady born on march 13th 1989 a Texas native. she was born with a medical condition so rare that just two other people apart from herself in the whole world have it, she weighs jus only 60 pounds(27kg) and has on adipose tissue and cannot create muscle,store energy or gain weight.

This means that she has zero body fat and cannot gain weight. having on body fat or muscle tissue makes her prone to injuries that most of us would never think about like stress fractures in her foot from walking or standing since her feet has no padding. Elizabeth velasquez is blind in her right eyes which began to cloud over when she was 4 years old and has limited vision in the other eye. She is reported to be 23 years. Doctors have described her condition as a form of neonatal progeriod syndrome.

Elizabeth velasquez

Elizabeth velasquez eats 60 small meals a day. it is through her life that i began to understand the real definition of beauty. But some myopic people who case only about the outward beauty have found more odious labels for her condition. she was labeled the world’s ugliest woman on youtube there happened during her high school when she discovered the video.

She has a weak immune system when you look at her she seems older.
This is caused by her condition. One amazing thing about this young lady is how she decided to fight back to ignore her bullies and focus on setting goals and showing her bullies and all those who are blinded to inner beauty that she is a winner.

Today she has written books like Be Beautiful Be You(2012) Elizabeth velasquez is also a motivational speaker who teches people the importance of inner beauty and has over 50,000 followers between her personal facebook account and fanpage.

Lessons From Elizabeth Velasquez’s Life

-Elizabeth velasquez strength; it is not easy to live in a world where you are labeled the ugliest woman but she is still living. She didn’t commit suicide like many of us would have done.

-Her Self Love;Believe me it is hard to love yourself normally talk more of when you are called the ugliest in the world.

-Elizabeth velasquez showed the mean people and bullies around her that she is better than them. She didn’t indulge in self pity and allow what other people think of her to destroy her dreams and pursuits in life. Today she is know all over while her gatess are somewhere living a misreable and unknow.

In conclusion Elizabeth Velasquez’s life is worthy of emulation

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