I decided to write a tribute to my grandmother and put it on my blog. She died sometime last year but I wasn’t able to publish the tribute because of circumstances beyond my control I wrote the tribute before the burial but I didn’t submit it.(I will explain soon)
I remembered the day she died, I woke to a text message from my dad that she died. I couldn’t believe it at first, I was living in denial. I cried so much, I never got to say goodbye I haven’t seen her in over year, this broke my heart. I knew she would die but I just wasn’t ready. I wrote a tribute but I couldn’t get it publish it because of the family issues. Having two parents fighting can be frustrated as you are caught in the middle of the fiasco. I didn’t participate in her burial rites and this is something that I regret more than anything else. Having to fight with one of my parent so I can attend the burial. And having the other one angry with me that I didn’t attend the mother’s burial. Coming from a broken home is hard.

Anytime I remember the events that took place I can’t help but cry.

An emotional tribute to my grandmother

It killed me inside that I had to make such a decision. She deserved more and I didn’t give her that. I didn’t get to say goodbye before and after her death. I remember crying and asking her to forgive me, she showed me unconditional love when she was alive and didn’t say good-bye. Every day I feel guilt about it but my hands were tied. I hope she will understand the battles I had to face and how much I regret it.
Below is my tribute to my grandmother who is the greatest storyteller that ever lived who has been a source of inspiration to me.

Tribute to my grandmother

Death is something that we must all go through. We either lose the people we love to death or vice versa. Most times I feel death is an attention seeker who swoops in and takes the people we love and at the same time a teacher who lets us know that we don’t have enough time to spend with our loved ones and we should spend more time loving and appreciating them..
Mama you fondly called me Nkemdilim, you were the only one that called me that. When I heard of your death I was shocked, there were so many things I wanted to tell you. I wanted you to see me get married and see my dreams come true.
I always knew you would leave but I didn’t expect it so soon. Thank you for your unconditional love, care and understanding. Sorry that I didn’t get to say goodbye properly. Thank you for everything, Thank you for the tales by moonlight which ignited my love for storytelling and writing. Thank for giving me a one in a million father. There is a lot I want to say but thank you.
May your soul rest in the bosom of the lord.

Nkemdilim Nwankwo

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