Teenage dating

One of the things that makes teenage years exciting is suddenly finding out that you are attracted to the opposite sex. And This brings up the subject of dating. Please note that the desire to associate with the opposite sex is very natural. Most teens are clueless on where to start from.

what is a date?

A date is pre arranged time spent with a person of the opposite sex. You can have a single,double or group date.

Below is why you should give Dating a chance

  • Dating helps you learn to get along and feel at ease with the opposite sex.
  • It helps you handle situations and how to grow and mature in your relationships with others.
  • Dating helps you to learn more about your self and others.
  • It helps you in choosing a life partner.

The Ultimate Guide To Teenage Dating| Nancydesire
Cons of teenage dating
Remember that everything that has an advantage will most likely have a disadvantage. As a young person any decision you take now can affect your future. Some teens aren’t ready for rejection and this could hurt their self-esteem.
As a teen don’t go on blind dates, because of the dangers associated with it and you could get harmed or taken advantage of. so stick to people you are familiar with

how to ask and accept a date

  • So many teenagers want to date but are afraid to approach the person. I recommend that the teenage boy making the first move but there is nothing wrong with the female making the first move.

    For the guys:

  • You can either walk up to her with confidence or give her a call,
  • Be courteous and polite. Don’t ask a girl what she is doing on that day,
  • Just ask her out and be sure to tell her where the date will take place so she can know what to wear and tell her parents.
  • But if a girl refuses your invitation accept it gracefully and say”maybe we can go another time” remember that you don’t have any right to insist that a girl explain why she is turning down your invitation. Just move on it might be for the best.

for girls

One of the biggest mistakes teen girls is being rude and looking down on a boy who asks
them out.They might never know what he will be in future they might end up putting their life in danger. Don’t get me wrong am not saying that you should accept every date. But to politely reject his invitation with a smile on your face, saying“I’m sorry but I can’t go but I appreciate you asking me”Never break a date for “something better”that come along later” I Know we all hate this but please make sure your guardian or parents or someone you trust  know where you are going and with who.

Note that going on one date doesn’t make you an exclusive couple. Everyone must not date. So don’t feel like an outcast or the world is coming to an end. Concentrate on your relationship with God as well as your studies. It’s quite funny how people have twisted dating.

Dating is a period you use to know someone before getting into a serious relationship. You never really know a person from hours of “making out” or from conversation like this “I love you” i love you too” i think your eyes are pretty”i like your eyes too”
When you are on a date try not to talk about your self all the time also get to know the other person.


Dating is fun and exciting but as a teenager you need rules to guide you so as not to make life changing mistakes.
And The Rules Are

  • set your standards and stick to it no matter what have a curfew even your parents,don’t any. It’s dangerous driving/ walking around in the middle of the night.
  • Don’t engage in petting:petting is like marijuana and it leads to stronger stuff.
    As a young person dating is not about petting it’s about grooming your personality.
  • Never trade your body for someone’s company that’s a poor bargain
  • Do not tease,please remember that you are on a date to get to know a person. And not to awaken their sexual desire which you can not fulfill.
  • Guard your mind never watch pornography or read sexy magazines or books before a date this can lead to something you are not ready for set your standards and stick to it
  • Be careful when choosing dates: please don’t go out with any person you have not introduced to your parents.(or at least to a trusted older person, I know so lame but it for your own good) Most especially someone you don’t feel comfortable with or someone your father or brother are strongly against. Men know themselves.
  • Watch your dressing: I know you don’t want to come up as easy on your first date or in any date at all. You might unknowingly led your date into thinking all sorts and this can lead to rape. (protect yourself)
  • Never stay in secluded place with the opposite sex or  go on a date to his house alone. MAKE SURE TO HAVE YOUR MONEY AND CELLPHONE WITH YOU IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.
  • Exercise: this would help get your mind off sex and control your urge so you don’t pounce on the poor girl.
  • Look at your pocket: one major mistakes teen guys make is trying to show off. know how much money you are with before going on a date.
  • Don’t force your date to do what she does not want to do. Treat your date the way you want someone else to treat your future wife.


The proper age to go on a date is 16 years. DON’T RUSH INTO DATING ITS NOT A DO OR DIE AFFAIR.

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