Sex is very natural, it is a gift from God. and just like any gift sex should be opened at the right time that is in marriage but many young people have been mislead into opening this gift before the right time.

what is premarital-sex

premarital sex is when two unmarried persons indulge in sexual intercourse. Many young persons has been misguided into believing that premarital sex is in vogue through the music books and movies they watch. But how true is this?
some Young people mostly teenagers are maite and would fall for anyone who comes in a colorful package with “I LOVE YOU”pasted everywhere.

premarital sex also know as sex outside marriage is wrong is no matter your age.

YOU MIGHT SAY” WHAT THE HECK BUT WE LOVE EACH OTHER” seriously sex is not how to show love


there are many reasons why you should not engage in sex before marriage. but before that lets review what you gain by having sex before marriage.

gains of premarital sex

-you will have brief thrill.
-you will feel,like you went to heaven and back;sex is really enjoyable
-been called a real guy by your peers.
-AND?nothing else or is there more?


The above is what you will gain from premarital sex. Now let’s look at what you may lose most especially for young christians.
-dignity and self worth
-spirit of God
-your destiny.

let’s look at the reasons why you should say NO to premarital sex.


-premarital sex will keep you from knowing GOD’S plan: premarital sex and other forms of sexual perversions has made sex cheap and meaningless. sex is a very intimate act. but when done outside marriage you will never understand how GOD intended it to be in marriage.remember that the two shall become one. so when you become one with about ten different people you will never be able to give your self fully to your husband\wife.

-It can ruin your chamber of knowing what real love is:Real love leads to engagement,marriage and sex but sex doesn’t lead to real love but only destroys your chances of knowing real love

-It can hurt your self esteem; remember that your purity is your priceless possession.

it’s quite unfortunate that many do not realise this until it’s too late. some young girls who as hungry for love end up taking a boy’s sexual desire for love and it hurts when the girl finds out and this can addedt her self esteem and she becomes cheap in her eyes and others, because she will in through this circle over and over again

-It can be a big disappointment; Everyone has been made to believe sex is exciting and heavenly, yes it is under the right mood and state of mind. A survey was conducted and it was discovered that 50% said sex disappointing,30%described it as unpleasant or revoltioi and only 20% found it pleasurable. when you are married and having sex you are not worried about your parents walking in on you or getting pregnant.

-It can be hazardous; engaging in premarital sex can expose you to lots of venral diseases like HIV/AIDS and other std’s which can lead to death. it’s been discovered that women who start early to have sex are at risk of getting CERVICAL CANCER.

it can also accuse the enlargement of the vagina which is caused by continots sex with males while unmarried thereby increasing the size of the penis to gain sexual satisfaction. and when the person marries someone with a under size penis it causes serious problem in the also weakens the heart and body and the skin around the vagina when started too early;sex requires much strength and energy

-it can shatter a girls future:premarital sex effects the girl the most because she can get pregnant and believe it’s not fun been a teenage mother. when a young girl becomes pregnant,she loses her’s traumatizing been indoors with a big belly why her peers are out having fun and living their life and the boy might the knight of pregnancy.

It can destroy your marriage: sex is very addictive and once is never enough in marriage you will keep comparing your spouse to your other lover. Note that marriage doesn’t solve the problem and those who played around with sex before marriage tend do the same after marriage they are never satisifed always looking for a new thrill.

It can torment you day and night; have you ever had sex with someone and then you guys broke up and then you pass by them when their talking with friends and laughing you you’re the one that their discusing.Yeah! That’s really tormenting.

it can destroy your spiritual life: remember that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and should be kept holy at all times also know that sex is not just a physical act because two shall become one the devil knows that sex is good and a gift from God so as usual the devil is always turning it into something evil.the bible says that every sin we commit is outside our body but the sin of sexual immorality is in the body.spiritually sex is an oath to become one forever. I know you don’t want to be one with ten different people.and the devil uses this to destroy life.

Keeping yourself until marriage will help you to keep your life together. even if you have done this don’t condemn yourself you can still change. God loves you and only him can heal and make you whole’s never too late to change.

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