Below are some  facts about men you need to know as a lady. Learn!

what ladies must know about men

  1. Men initially will pursue with all aggression and later stop when you are not yielding.
  2. Men are hunters and love a good challenge so don’t give in immediately to them and don’t do the chasing.
  3. They don’t like women who play housewife for them before marriage.
  4. They love women who respect their parents in front of them(men)so be careful when you speak bad about your parents in front of your guy.
  5. They love their privacy and hate nosy women. Ladies please trust your man
  6. Men love honest but mysterious women; Don’t spill your secrets on the first three date
  7. Men get jealous easily when he is really in love with you.
  8. They look strong but they are more emotional than women.
  9. When a man tells you about his problems,he just needs you to listen and support him not talk all the way
  10. They may stare at hot chicks all day but before they go to sleep,they would always think about that special woman they love.
  11. Men don’t buy what they can hire.  Take your time before opening your legs.
  12. Men are big babies and can be extremely demanding.
  13. They melt when you stare at them and smile
  14. They  are very proud set of people so please ladies don’t disrespect him in public no matter how wrong he is, Save it for later
  15. They love it when you say “take care” after a very long conversation.
  16. Men start lying when you become domineering. Ladies watch it with your alpha female version
  17. They hate boring, talk active and nagging women. Give him a break he is not cheating on you.
  18. Men love it when you play with your hair
  19. They love it when you dress sexy just for them or surprise them from time to time or cook a well prepared meal for them or bake a cake on their birthday.
  20. They love it when you are nice and speak well of his family
  21. They expect you to support his “BIG DREAMS “please ladies support your man even if his dream is boring.27 Surprising Facts About Men Ladies Must Know


  22. They love sex a lot more than most women do
  23. Love to come home to a tidy house, a big hug and great food not an untidy house and a great nagging.
  24. Men hate it when you mutter and hmm.
  25. They would love to act normal but their day is incomplete without listening to your voice.
  26. Men gets jealous when you talk to others in front of him and it even annoys them more when you say “we are just friends”
  27. When a man loves you to the core he would go against this world to be with you, And  I am not just talking about Philippine soap opera here. He will fight for you.

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