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What does it mean to cheat The oxford advanced learners dictionary defines cheat as to fool, deceive. Betray. Trick or con. That is to act in a dishonest way. So when someone cheats in a relationship he/she is Being deceitful and dishonest and this is usually brings any relationship to a full stop. Research has shown that men tend to cheat more...
Have you noticed that a man will come into your life but all of a sudden he leaves and you don't know exactly what you did sometimes you're confused you start checking yourself to see what you've done wrong. you ask yourself why do good men always leave my life? why do they disappear? women do things without realizing how wrong...
Hate is a strong word but this is how i feel about long distance relationships. please allow me to rant. long distance relationship is making people miserable and causing heartache. i think it should be banned. for those who don't know about long distance relationship and why i hate it read carefully the words below to get the gist. What Is Long...
Teenage dating
Someone sent in this question through my counseling page. Dating is a very important step that might lead to the altar. Most people don't know the right age to start. Before I get into that lets find out what it is all about. what is dating? According to wikipedia it is part of the human mating process whereby two people meet...
Teenage dating
One of the things that makes teenage years exciting is suddenly finding out that you are attracted to the opposite sex. And This brings up the subject of dating. Please note that the desire to associate with the opposite sex is very natural. Most teens are clueless on where to start from. what is a date? A date is pre arranged...
whats with all this I love you in a relationship This is a question which people spend a lot of time arguing about. Some believe that it is tradition for the man to be the first to say I love you. while some modern people(especially feminist who believe women can do better) say that the woman should say I love...
can you keep a secret? I am definitely one of those women who love to cuddle. if there was a Guinness book of world record for best cuddler I would have gotten it. Now less about myself and back to the topic at hand "smiling foolishly to self" I know that women love to cuddle it's just their nature, you...
I’m a writer, relationship coach, comedy-addict, sunshine rainbow colorful kinda girl who believes in fairy tales and happily ever after. Beneath the warm and friendly exterior is a hard nut to crack. In ten years time I see my self living my ultimate fantasy which is a secret.


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