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We all love shopping especially the ladies and it can be fun. But most guys hate it as women tend to take their time while shopping and most guys like it fast and simple. This article is strictly for women and what they should do before they start shopping. As I wrote earlier it can be fun but just like...
Being single can great and lonely . In today's video I talked about the pros and cons of being single. watch, enjoy, like, share, comment and subscribe. You can also check 10 shocking truths about being single to learn more. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE AND LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW FOR ME PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE PRESS PLAY TO WATCH
It is becoming increasingly hard to keep secrets today, With people selling secrets  and causing scandals. I talked about keeping secrets, how to keep them and maybe how to get others to keep yours. Watch video to learn more. please like, share and comment on this video PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE PRESS PLAY TO WATCH
The whole side chick thing is in trend and I had to make a video, I believe the side chick thing was invented to make cheating look cool, and we all know cheating isn't cool. In this video I talked on how to know you are the side chick in your relationship. Watch video to learn more and be wiser...
On  Today's video I talked about 5 things you should never do on a date especially on your first date. I hope you enjoy this video and learn. Sorry I rushed it, There was so much background noise but I had to shoot this video today. I also have an article on this same topic. Read here. LEAVE A COMMENT, LIKE,...
4 Simple Steps to create a gorgeous everyday look
Hello boo, Today I will show you how to create a gorgeous everyday look that will turn heads. I am excited writing this, I like makeup but I am still learner, I can't even draw my eyebrows(shhhh don't tell anyone) So my friend and colleague Tessy George will be showing you girls the steps to create a simple yet gorgeous...
It is time Ladies woke and realized that there is more to life than marriage. Marriage is good and I love it but let it not be the only thing you think about. Watch,learn and enjoy Please leave a comment,like and share. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE PRESS PLAY TO WATCH

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