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If you are a regular visitor on my blog you would notice that I have been absent and I have not been posting new articles. I sincerely apologize for my bad behavior. Life has kept me so busy and I am trying to get everything in order. my  blog is my baby and I will never take it for granted I...
Every woman wants to be with man who cares, understands, supports her and makes her feel like the only woman in the world. This article will help you to know the simple ways to show your woman you love her without even having to say you do verbally. I will make this article as brief as possible. Relationship as I...
I am so happy to see yet another Christmas and I cannot thank God enough that you are reading this. I want to use this opportunity to say thank you for all your support so far. It encourages me to be better. As we celebrate this Christmas may all your  good wishes come to pass and may your life...
3 things every man needs in a relationship
Relationship (s) are hard but it takes two people who are willing to sacrifice,tolerate, over look, and commit to make it work. So before getting into it make sure you are ready. I am going to discuss 3 things every man needs in a relationship; that is what they expect in a relationship from their partners and I am going...
We all want to be over ex or someone who didn't love us back. On Today's video I will tell you the 5 signs that shows you that you are over your ex. Please like, share, comment and PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE. PRESS PLAY TO WATCH
Are women really obsessed with marriage as guys think? It is a yes and no answer. Watch video as I try to explain why women are possibly obsessed with marriage (not all women though). Don't forget to like, share, subscribe and leave a comment for me below. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE PRESS PLAY TO WATCH
Over the years men have being  intrigued about why women go to the bathroom in groups. watch and find out as I try to answer this questions. please subscribe before you leave. I hope you enjoy this video and share it with friends. please like, leave a comment below. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE PRESS PLAY TO WATCH

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