Pros and cons being in a relationship

Relationship is something everyone wants to be in, or almost everyone. It is sweet and amazing and fun(for some people anyway). It isn’t easy to be in a relationship, many who are in a relationship prefer to be single and vice versa. In today’s article I will be discussing the pros and cons of being in a relationship.
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Everything in life has an advantage and a disadvantage or almost everything, so it won’t come as a surprise to you that being in a relationship has its own advantage and disadvantages. At the end of the day after weighing the pros and cons you make your choice, After all the beauty of life is that we all get to make choices. I have being single for a while as I have being in a relationship, so I have lived the pros and cons.

Pros and cons being in a relationship


• Being in a relationship gives you companion, you know someone to share stuffs with. Someone who would listen, we all know there are somethings we can tell only our partner.
• There is someone to help you financially and otherwise when you are in need. And in some ways that person feels obligated to help you.
• There is someone to do exciting and fun things with
• Someone you can truly be yourself around
• You won’t be the lonely guy or girl at the back seat
• You have some to share the most amazing life experiences with.


Below are some of the cons of being in a relationship.
• You hardly save money as you spend money on your partner and their dreams
• You are limited, you cannot go out and meet new people as you have a huge commitment in your relationship.
• Most times you lose yourself trying to be who that person wants you be or to please them.
• You are constantly afraid of getting hurt and the person leaving you.
• You don’t just have you to care about but another person. It is more like having a child. That person’s mood affects you.
• You have to sacrifice a lot of your life, dreams, ambitions and even other relationships to make it work.
• You try so hard to impress his friends and family who you don’t care about.
• You miss the right person while been stuck with the wrong one.

Above are some of the pros and cons of being in a relationship, there could be more. At this point it is up to you to make your choice. This should not stop you from being in a relationship; no phase in life is easy.

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