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Are you ready? Good the question for today is:

CAN YOU MARRY A BLIND PERSON? Whether a man or a woman.

Your opinions matters so much to me. Please leave a comment share and come back to check for people’s contributions to the question.


  1. I met someone online on one of those dating site who turns out to be blind. He’s got a very nice voice on the phone, speaks intelligent and can carry on a good conversation without using profanity to express himself. Turns out he was married before and have 5 kids by two different woman one of whom he married and the other he cheated on. We have connected on so many levels but I have concerns about him. More on a financial level. He is very open about his life and his background. You see I was married before and in some ways carried to financial load on my shoulders. I made a vow not to be in that situation again. I want a man that can carry his own weight and in his case I fear or sense that he is unable to do so as he was the caregiver for his kids and for a number of years he was unemployed. I am vocal to him about what I am looking for and not looking to do. He is really smitten by me and I fear that I will have to let him down.

  2. Hmmmmmmm…….. Marry a blind person you asked….. Well as humans that would be difficult or almost impossible…. Don’t where Love is, nothing is impossible…….

    N God might av a reason he’s merged both

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