Welcome to today’s question of the day: How long should one wait before having sex in a relationship..
We all know how important sex is in a relationship.
So should one wait 2months, 3years, a week a day. Let your opinion be heard and seen
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  1. Well it fully depends on various Factors:
    Religion (Christianity); you av to wait until marriage to avoid fornication which is a sin.

    Morals: You av to Wait until marriage, to avoid unwanted pregnancy, n avoid losing self respect, as you may b a mentor to someone.

    But aside this, if you both feel something intimate for one another, and can’t control the body, fine you can go ahead as this is like the body responding to stimuli………….

    But b4 sex in a relationship, u must put some things into consideration and not just temporal pleasure…… As You might not b ready for any mistake n its consequence

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