It's really funny to see how busy we have become so busy what we forget about the good old days when spending quality time with your your partner's is quite annoying that people fight so hard to be with each other lose interest when it comes to to keep each other in their life. You might start arguing...
WHAT IS SINGLE-HOOD Single hood is the state or set of people who are single so therefore single means to be on my read on attached or not being in a romantic relationship.Everyone wants to be loved and taken care of and that’s why some people enter into a relationship I’m one of those people who believe in happily ever...
Is sex a prove of love? Many people around the world confuse love and sex to mean the same thing. Love has been confused for so many things some people say it's a beautiful feeling others say it's magical. Love can be defined by anyone according to their understanding. If you read the book of 1st corinthians13 you will clearly understand...



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