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The Simplest ways to show her that you love her

Every woman wants to be with man who cares, understands, supports her and makes her feel like the only woman in the world. This article will help you to know the...
3 things every man needs in a relationship

3 Things every man needs in a relationship

Relationship (s) are hard but it takes two people who are willing to sacrifice,tolerate, over look, and commit to make it work. So before getting into it make sure you are...

11 Memes that shows girls reaction when their Ex gets someone new

How easy is it to get over your Ex? not very easy. It is actually funny what most people do to get over their ex especially when that person immediately gets...

Question of the day: Can you date a blind person

Welcome to today's question of the day. Are you ready? Good the question for today is: CAN YOU MARRY A BLIND PERSON? Whether a man or a woman. Your opinions matters so much to...

Question of the day on Nancydesire.com

Hello boo, I'm starting my Question for the day. Yippee I'm Excited. This is where you air your opinion on a particular question. Your opinion matters to me so much . Please...

Being Candid;Cougar At Twenty Two

I'm I really a 22 years old cougar? It is not a mistake you read the title correctly. Story of my life, I’m one of those girls who will never advise my...

5 Eye Opening Reasons Why Romance Novels Are killing Your Relationship

what are romance novels romance novels or romantic novel is a type of genre fiction with the primary focus on the relationship and romantic love between two people, and must have an "emotionally...
I’m a writer, relationship coach, comedy-addict, sunshine rainbow colorful kinda girl who believes in fairy tales and happily ever after. Beneath the warm and friendly exterior is a hard nut to crack. In ten years time I see my self living my ultimate fantasy which is a secret.


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