is blaming others right?

In life we tend to ignore things which we consider unimportant. But when we look closer and work on them it turns us into stars.

There are times when we need to sit down and look at our lives and find those mistakes we are making, whether big or small. In this article i will open your eyes to some of the biggest mistake we make in life
And it’s consequences.
One of the biggest mistakes we make in life is blaming others.

What is blame?

Blame is the act of censuring,holding responsible, or making negative statements about and individual or group.

The truth is that we are all guilty of this. It’s so easy to blame others for all our problems and when no one is around we blame mother nature and God.

Unfortunately blame is like anger in that it dulls one sense of empathy. We are quick to believe that to Blame people lifts our burden, but this is a big mistake we keep making and it dates back to the garden of Eden when God confronted Adam for eating the forbidden fruit, he quickly blamed his wife,Eve and when God asked Eve the same thing she blamed it on the serpent.


Have you ever sat down and imagined what would have happened if Adam and Eve accepted their wrong instead of blaming others. Maybe God would have forgiven them and reduced their suffering. Or even made a way for them.

No one wants to take responsibility for anything and it’s slowly killing this world. The more you keep blaming people is the more you are stuck in one place. It feels so good not to be responsible and that’s why we keep blaming others. But is it good enough?

Some people get emotional satisfaction from talking about how awful others are. Remember that the person listening to you might think you are the one with the problem. And this can always backfire. It takes a lot of responsibility and maturity to admit that it’s your fault.

Am not saying that you shouldn’t blame others when necessary because just like you, they need to accept responsibility for their actions.

Blaming people all the time renders you useless because you have no responsibility and other people will always have one over you. I know their times when you feel like the whole world is blaming you and you need a break to blame someone else, but taking responsibility helps.

You might not know the benefits until later in the future. So please be strong. When you want to blame others or help them to accept their faults please construct your words carefully.

Blaming every one you see for all your problem will turn you into a sadist and every body will avoid you. Am sure you don’t want that.

There is no shame in accepting that you are wrong because it will help you not to repeat the same mistakes in the future. What if you were abused as a child and you turned out messed up. Remember that blaming others all the time quickly destroys marriages or relationships you hold dear to your heart.

Blaming people will never remove the pains. You are in charge of your life and you have to make the best of it. STOP THE BLAMING OTHERS!!! Take responsibility and see your life transformed It’s so hard living a life where you have to take responsibility all the times but you can do it. Through this means.


You can pray for God to help you overcome the attitude of passing blames.

-You can also consult a specialist or talk to someone you trust to help you through this problem.


  1. I have come to understand that blaming others is the worst thing any person should do.

    Blame yourself for your failures, make amends and you will be succesful.

    If you continue blaming others in life, that means you are bound to fail

  2. When you blame others, it’s usually a sign that you have a low-self-esteem and you tries to gain some power over situations by blaming other people. If you want to stop blaming others then you should learn how to become in control of your life, how to be stronger and how to face different life problems that comes your way…

  3. You av a nice write ups in here… I av in one way or the other blamed pple for my predicament, with this article I av learn one thing or the other.

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