Hi boo If you have ever being lonely? You will understand.

We all know that I am a relationship writer and therapist but right now am single and lonely(with reasons of course)

I had to write this so that all the lonely and single girls especially those in Nigeria will know that there are not alone.


Being lonely is a terrible thing especially when you have that friend or roommate whose phone is a hotline and then you keep looking at your phone for hours yet no one calls and then all of a sudden your phone rings and you run all the way from the sitting room to the bedroom to get your phone and on the way there, you hit your leg on a chair(o! God the pain) but you suck in the pain and keep running towards your phone, only to get to your phone with all the pains to discover  that it was MTN that called you.And you want to do is

Have you noticed that it is when you are single to stupor that all your girlfriends decides to take you on a date with their boyfriends or fiancee and then they become so lovey dovey And you are like

As if things won’t get worse On Sunday the pastor now decides to preach on Relationship(why me????)

And that your favorite Radio station decides to play only love  songs.

You then start calling that guy , who you know you will never give the day or time all things being equal and then wait for it yes! you now think you are in love with him and then he tells you “you are calling me too much let’s stop talking on phone”(the humiliation?)

My dear, loneliness is bad especially when you are a Nigerian babe, I no fit lie 

Loneliness don make me do crazy things. Shhh don’t tell anyone??

I am seriously single and searching

But on the brighter side I have things keeping me busy.
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