Relationships are never easy it takes a lot of work to actually make it work. Many people crave to be in a relationship, they dream about it, But never prepare themselves for the real thing they go in with half-baked ideas which cause a lot of harm and pain to their person and the other person in the relationship with them.

In this article I will discuss things you must know before you enter into a relationship and this are also things I wish I had known before I entered into a relationship. I hope you learn.

Going into a relationship without considering the character trait of potential boo is like buying a car without giving thoughts to its engine. And that, you must agree, is the easiest way to landing in a crash.

Things you must know before you enter into a relationship


  • You have to make sacrifices; believe it or not it you will have to make a lot of sacrifices in the relationship. You are not the only one in the relationship. you will sacrifice your time, money, even your happiness most times, to make your partner happy
  •  No longer have the right to be selfish; you are now two so you have no right to be and act selfishly because the other persons happiness matters so you cannot act like you are single or don’t care.
  • It’s not like the movies; relationships are not like the movies where you meet someone and immediately fall in love and live happily ever after this is the real world. It is hard but not impossible
  • You are going to get hurt; it is inevitable that your partner will not hurt you I don’t mean full-blown hurt but the little things they might do that will hurt your feelings and  leave you wondering how you ever fell in love with that person.
  • It is normal to have doubts sometimes; it’s  important to know that you will have doubts in your relationship. You will doubt whether you love him/her or whether he/she loves you or whether you both have a future or not.

Don’t enter a relationship because you are lonely. You should know if your partner equally feels the same way as you feel about them.

  • Your relationship might affect your relationship with your  family and friends; Most of the time no matter how you try your relationship might affect your relationship with your family and friends as you tend to spend more time with your boo. Always remember that you need your friends and family for moral support sometimes. Don’t neglect them. Plan activities with your friends, too
  • Unrealistic expectations will be crushed; we all have unrealistic expectations before we get into a relationship. I had a lot of unrealistic expectations and my heart was crushed when I realized that life is not always like that. I wanted someone perfect, and I realized as time moved on that I wasn’t prefect too.
  • The honeymoon period will be over; for those that don’t know. The honeymoon period is that period in your relationship where you both cannot keep your hands off each other, always talking on phone and laughing.  in short that is those really happy times in your relationship. It will be over and you see your self fighting to get back there.
  • You will quarrel and have arguments; it is inevitable not to quarrel especially over silly things. and not to talk to each other for days. But never let issues to go for a long time without resolving it.

Calm down. Don’t freak out because they didn’t call you IMMEDIATELY, or texted right back. If you aren’t holding hands, it’s not the end of the world.
Resist the urge to immediately grab the wedding magazines, or to start naming your future children . Live in the moment.

  • Your past relationships will affect your current one; your past affects your future. The way your ex treated you will affect your relationship and the same relates to the person you are with . Prepare your self the past might come calling. Let go of the past if you are holding on to it.

Thank you for reading . I hope you learnt a lot please leave a comment for me below and don’t forget to share.

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