Health blogs are faster ways to get information about health issues especially when there is no doctor around. It has been helpful to me in medical emergencies. And I guess it has also helped you especially when you can’t tell anyone about that itch. So today I will list five top health blogs in Nigeria. The content of this blogs is not just for Nigerians. Life is  delicate so it is of essence to visit blogs that will give you genuine information.

Top 5 health blogs in Nigeria

  • Healthable: This blog delivers a lot of health related information for the readers in the most clear, jargon-free and easy to  understand language, so it is engaging to the readers. Its content covers issues from cancer, diabetes, weight loss, and exercise to mind and body  health. This award winning blog is owned by krafty sprouts and has professionals contributing to the wealth of knowledge there.
  • Naturesgist: Natures gist is dedicated to bringing you the greatest quality natural health and home remedies information online. The writers,editors and contributors at natures gist  plow throughout the internet, researching literally thousands of articles each week for the most accurate as well as reputable information available. So take a look at this blog and learn something new.
  • Radiant health magazine: Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love this blog design, its so chic. Radiant is a bi-annual print and digital magazine dedicated to the African woman and her journey to wellness through health, beauty and culture. And that makes me love it more. It features wellness, fitness, healthy eating, beauty and style and expert advice, all wrapped up in one enticing title. Every woman should visit this blog and get amazing tips.
  • Healthsave blog: This blog is dedicated to bringing you the greatest quality health information online. It is all about health and fitness that is related to our life and activity every day.
  • Doctors quarters: I am not talking about the amazing  medical TV series. I am talking about a medical and health blog that is professionally-driven  with medically sound contributors. It offers resources affecting our day to day life, by seasoned professionals and first-class contributors and authors.

Above are the top five health blogs in Nigeria, you can add yours below in the comment section.  If there is any I missed or overlooked let me know. Don’t forget to share this article and to always visit a health blog,after all prevention is better than cure.

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