Hello boo. I will be talking about 5 movies that made me cry, I don’t mean the single tear thing, I mean. Bawling, sobbing and been an emotional wreck kind of thing.

Do movies make you cry?

Whenever I watch this movies I end up crying and having serious headache and my eyes turn red but I still don’t stop because I like them.

Below are 5 Movies that made me cry

The 3 Idiots

This movie was one of those movies people persuaded me to watch but I didn’t like the name so I was always like “I will do that later” people kept telling me that it was interesting. So one day I reluctantly agreed and I watched it, I wasn’t expecting an emotional rollercoaster. I cried I saw the true meaning of friendship and sacrifice.

It’s a movie I recommend for anyone I thought it was just a laugh out loud movie but I was wrong.

The Help

The help Top 5 movies that made me cry|Nancydesire

This is another movie that had me in tears from the beginning to the end. I love the movie not only because of Olivia Davis who is my favorite actress that stared in it but it has a strong message.

I couldn’t help but cry it is a civil rights movie. You need to watch but keep a tissue box near you.

The lost Valentine

The lost Valentine Top 5 movies that made me cry

A story about True love. I literally cried in this heartwarming movie. I didn’t know such love existed. Seeing that woman wait in the train station every Valentine day for her husband who died during the war.

It’s a movie that teaches about True love, sacrifice, family and also self discovery.

The Notebook

The notebook Top 5movies that made me cry |nancydesire

Yes another love story don’t blame me am a sucker for Love. This is actually a novel turned into a movie.

Just like The 3 idiots I started watching it reluctantly.. I didn’t expect the emotional rollercoaster. I cried till my head was hurting. A man kept on going to the elderly home where his wife and true love was to read to her about their epic love story but she couldn’t even remember him or her children.

It’s a story about sacrifice, persistence and True love.

12 Years A Slave

12 years a slave Top 5 movies that made me cry|Nancydesire

Last but not the least 12 years a slave. The truth is that I won’t have watched this movie if not for a class assignment. I watched this movie for the very first time in class. I cried literally, it’s a civil rights movie.  And Chiwetel gave a stellar performance.

I didn’t know I could cry in class but I did mildly anyway.

So Above are some of the movies that made me cry each movie had a message that taught me alot.

So what movies made you cry, comment below

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