Filipino soap operas are the best and I am truly and irrevocably obsessed with it. I am hopeless romantic and it gives me great joy to watch romantic soap operas because there is more screen time, more seasons of the soap to expect. What I love especially about Filipino soap operas is that they make use of a love team. So, I am going define love team for you in case you have no idea what it is. According to Wikipedia In Philippine media, a love team (or loveteam) refers to a pair consists of an actor and actress depicted to the public as a romantic couple. So you just get to see the same couple star in movies and soaps together. And most times they end up becoming real life couples and it so amazing that most Filipinos are hopeless romantics. I should have been born there. I am absolutely live for this. So I am going to list my top five Filipino love team. So here I go.

My top 5 Filipino Love Team

James Reid  and Nadine Lustre aka Jadine love team. The picture belong to their owners.

Jadine is a name for the Filipino on screen couple turned real formed by James Reid and Nadine Lustre. Their on screen chemistry is so in tense and powerful that you would feel like you are invading their privacy. I totally adore them, they are together in real life and this makes me so happy. i hope they get married and call their first daughter Jadine. They have been in the following movies and soap operas   On the Wings of Love, Never Not Love You, This Time,Till I Met You ,Talk Back and You’re Dead.

My Top five Filipino love Team | Nancydesire
Marian River and Dingdong Dantes aka Dongyan. Picture belongs to their owners

DONGYAN : This is also a love team, the very first I ever loved, formed by Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera I first fell in love with them in the soap opera Marimar. Marimar”became the highest-rated prime time show on Philippine television, and at the same time, launched Marian and Dingdong’s career as GMA’s Prime time King and Queen. Their chemistry is undeniable They ended up dating and getting married.They have an adorable little girl Zia and another baby on the way. I love them so much and their love story. They have been in the following movies and soap operas- you are to me everything, one true love, Marimar, Dangerous love, my beloved and others.

COCOJUL; The short lived love team that are ship so bad are formed by Coco Martins and Julia Montes. I first fell in love with them while watching My eternal soap opera. Their chemistry was beautiful they also star in one movie and since then has gone their separate ways to pursue individual careers. I totally miss them I wish they would date or at least make another soap opera together as a couple I am not asking for much. Am I?

Kathyrn Bernado and Daniel Padilla aka Kathniel. The picture belongs to the owners.

 KATHNIEL; The beloved Filipino love team Kathniel is one of my favourite it reminds you of puppy love, childhood love and all so sweet. This love team is formed by Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo.  They recently announced before the premier of their movie “the hows of us“that they have been dating for five years secretly. Wow! They have been in so many movies together.Some of their movies you should check out are Can’t Help Falling in Love,Crazy Beautiful You,She’s Dating the Gangster, Must Be…Love, The Hows of Us, Barcelona: A Love Untold, Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay, 24/7 inLove, Sisterakas and to mention but a few.

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil aka Lizquen. The picture belongs to the owners

LIZQUEN; I recently found out about this love team  formed by Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil ad I must say that they fine. I have never seen a more beautiful couple. They were  on October 2014, finally given their own series, the prime-time teleserye Forevermore.I love their on and off screen romance or kilig. In case you haven’t figured it out by now. They are dating for real. They would defiantly have cute babies in the future. Some of their movies so far are  My Ex and Whys, Everyday I Love You, Just the Way You Are and others.

So, that’s my top five Filipino love team, so what do you think? Do you watch Filipino soap operas? If you do which love team is your favourite? Don’t forget to share this post.

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