When  you hear that someone is a relationship expert you think their love life is perfect and they have it all going for them. well let me shock you they don’t. I am what you will call a relationship expert I love love and relationships , a hopeless romantic who believes that everyone deserves to have someone who will love and cherish them forever and vice versa I love seeing happy couples. so my wahala begins when people find out that I am a relationship expert they expect me to have the perfect relationship and they seem to forget that no one is perfect especially when it comes to the matters of the heart . I get scared telling people I am in a relationship with what I do because i feel that limits me from being myself , i cannot express my self because I am meant to be this love guru who knows it all (please cut me some slack)

Why being a Relationship expert and guru sucks

The pains of being a relationship expert

I recently got out of a relationship and this person already knew what I did and I couldn’t get away with anything he will always bring it up anytime I mess up, it was really frustrating.

I really wish people will understand that being a relationship expert doesn’t mean that you are above mistakes.

for sometime in my life I stayed away from relationships because I was tired of being reminded of the fact I was a love guru who should have it all together.
The truth is that all relationship experts go through this pain and have to carry this burden, they are most days my back and hand hurt from being up counselling people online and I don’t mind because this is something I am passionate about. my experiences in relationship is what has helped me to help others.you need to know that we are humans and all our advise might not work for you,so before you say that someone is a scam or fake remember that they are working with the information that you give them and you might not be dishing it all out. It is already very hard trying to be perfect so that you don’t lose your fans and people who love your work, please don’t make it harder for us.

Do we ever have it easy?

Being a relationship expert is very hard but this is something I love doing and this a cross I have to carry, I still find it very difficult telling people what I do because I am scared that I might not have the normal life I really want you know those who will come to test you to know whether you are really good.

There are days when I get good feedbacks from people I have counselled and some days I don’t but i have to handle it.

I put my 100% to it{which I shouldn’t be doing] their problems become mine and most days I have to use tough love to get the desired results and most days I don’t get the recognition I feel I deserve{because some forget the good done for them.]

we are not so perfect

It might surprise you to find out that the people who are most miserable  in relationships and who stay in bad relationships are relationship gurus and experts in their bid to please and be perfect they end up sad and miserable.

This is it for me, something I will never stop loving no matter the burden, the cross, the pain. so before you judge a relationship expert for their mistakes remember that they are humans and are a  having a hard time keeping it together and no one has it all together.

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