whats with all this I love you in a relationship

This is a question which people spend a lot of time arguing about. Some believe that it is tradition for the man to be the first to say I love you. while some modern people(especially feminist who believe women can do better) say that the woman should say I love you first you know men sharing rights with women equally.

But our mothers told up when we were teenagers that a man should woo you while you dance around circles and then he says I love you before getting on one Bended knee and propose.

so who should say i love you first then?

So many women believe this. it has been that way for centuries until one day women wanted equal rights(which is very good) some people feel that the woman will look too cheap if she says I love you to the man first and some people consider any woman who comes on to a man as cheap, this argument keep going on and on.

Let me give you my own candid opinion, it doesn’t matter who says it first although it is always good for the man to say it first.

I have told men in my previous relationship I love you first. There is nothing wrong with a woman saying it and how she feels than to keep waiting for God Know What. I will advice you to say it when you feel it whether you are man or a woman.

But make sure you mean it before you say.I would love to hear your candid opinion on this comment below.


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