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I am definitely one of those women who love to cuddle. if there was a Guinness book of world record for best cuddler I would have gotten it. Now less about myself and back to the topic at hand “smiling foolishly to self” I know that women love to cuddle it’s just their nature, you know motherly and nurturing feminine yes that.

And women love to cuddle after love-making(as we women call it) But we are always disappointed that the men seriously hate this and this can get into our heads and we think maybe he didn’t enjoy himself or that he is thinking about another woman or even worse that he thinks of you as only a sex partner and doesn’t have feelings for you.

What does it mean to cuddle

According to the dictionary to cuddle means

hold close in one’s arms as a way of showing love or affection.
“he cuddles the baby close”

synonyms: hug, embrace, clasp, hold tight, hold/fold in one’s arms,snuggle, nestle, curl, nuzzle

noun: cuddle; plural noun: cuddles
a prolonged and affectionate hug.
so don’t be surprised that women love it. cuddling makes them feel protected and wanted, so every woman deserves to be cuddled sex or no sex 

But the truth is that men are very different from women(very different) So if you would just understand this it will save you all the heartache and problems.

So Why Do Men To hate Cuddle

The reason men hate to cuddle after sex is that they are HOT and exhausted(shocked right?) Men believe that they hate put in a lot of work(can you believe that) and they are really feeling sweaty and burning up.

so this is the almighty reason men gave for hating the cuddling after sex. Note That Not All Men Hate Cuddling Don’t Conclude Instantly. Although this makes me very sad but I think it will be better if you try putting on the air condition before sex at least then he won’t say he is hot.(wink)

So Now Dear Relax Your Mind He Is Just Been A Guy. But He Could Refuse To Cuddle For Some Other Reason He Might Be Angry Or He Has So Many Things On His Mind So Please Watch Him Closely To Know What Is Wrong Before You Jump Into Conclusion.

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  1. Hello Nancy,

    This is great, i never knew men hate cuddling after sleeping with their partners. And thanks for suggesting the A/C stuff, i think that might help me get it right.

    Have a nice and lovely weekend Nancy.

  2. What if a woman cuddles a man after sex, is there any book where it is declared a crime or is it now a service to man to have sex with him? Is it just the man that enjoyed the sex?

    Don’t say I criticise a lot but as a profeminist, I think the feeling was mutual. Giving a woman a special attention after sex means she didn’t enjoy the sex; she just rendered a selfless service to the man, I find this a way of promoting sexism…

    However, this topic will appeal to the general public. A lot of people will find this appealing. All you need is to promote. I viewed it on mobile and I love the responsiveness. The color mixture is also, it portrays romance.

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