I sat down with a couple of my girlfriends discussing this issue of campus marriage disgusts  her, The table was silent for a while at her outbursts.Before i go any further let me introduce what campus marriage is all about even though some of up know what it is already.


Campus marriage is a situation where two single persons of the opposite sex live together; one of them being a student or both. in this kind of relationship the two people act like married couples. the woman washes cleans and books for the guy and even casual sex is involved. and this happens on campus.

During the discussion one of my girlfriends said that some people have gotten married for real through campus marriage that it doesn’t work for everyone. But this can only be possible if the guy is higher than the girl and is ready to commit to the relationship.

Some of my other girlfriends at the round table discussion did not agree with this and each person wanted their opinion to be heard.

why some young women engage in campus marriage

  •  because their friends are doing it
  • loneliness,
  • they hate their hostel or roommate
  • they are over protective of their boyfriends,
  • they need a man their life complete,

looking at the above reasons some of them are not genuine. I do not support campus marriage because of its effects like unwanted pregnancy,it could lead to lot’s of heartaches I feel it’s better you keep up your relationship on campus and see each other regularly than living together all the name of campus marriage. Campus life is hard already don’t complicate it by living together with your partner.

Remember ladies”WEATHER FOR TWO BABY FOR ONE” Moving in with your partner ladies breaks the major rule of dating . he will get tired of you faster than you can say jack Robsion


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